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Good morning suneshine Empty Good morning suneshine

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 02, 2008 4:28 pm

In infirmary Saske was lying in his bed, just waking up. Through blurred sight when he open eyes, first thing he saw was faces of nurse Betty and Pelin watching him closely.
«Welcome back!» said Bettie
«You really are hard headed» ads Pelin «when I was hit I was unconscious for a two days»

Saske managed to sit on the bed still unsure what happened
«whoo, whyyy, whaaat …» was first he managed to say
«Pelins horse kicked you. You deserved that. I do not condone cruelty to animals.» volunteered Betty
«Sorry man. But look on the bright side. You can say that this U shape on your forehead is stands for Uchiha.» Pelin said in feeble attempt to lighten up situation.

While Saske was touching U shaped bump on his forehead, he continued,

«Anyway I came down to tell you that you give me really good fight. It was good, and clean match and I congratulate you.
I managed to notice few slight imperfections in your defense though, so if you like I can show you how to take care of them. When you will be for it, just come in HKH»

“Not today!” interrupted Betty, “You, animal hater, will be here and rest under my gentle care, at least ‘till tomorrow! Pelin, leave now.” she added while pushing Saske back to bed in pretty rough way.


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Good morning suneshine Empty Re: Good morning suneshine

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 03, 2008 9:22 am

Saske looks ina mirror an sees the U

Boy i sure do look funyy right pelin.well that's what i get if i hurnt animals.Anyway i'lll accept ur offer.It' was a good fight.still don't know were i didi wrong?anyway pleasure fighting with yaa.i thing it's time to have a totaly changed attitude.
Soo i'lll go vizit Chasm after i recover....

Saske looks at his U.

Boy i sure look funny.


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