The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

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The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:15 pm

The twisted Carnival are sitting in their locker room going over their game plan for ending The Horde.
Suddenly the lights start flickering all around them.
The door flies open to show Chriso standing there. Everyone gets up defensively.

SIT down....
I didnt come here for a fight.....
i came to have a word with someone....

Chriso walks over to SadMan and goes face to face.

I have had many sleepless nights.....
because of you.....
you have haunted my dreams.....
but Next Friday.....
that all changes.....

Chriso pulls out the document that will be signed Monday.

about these matches.....
you are entering in these matches....
i want to be the one who has the pleasure.....
of hammering that final nail on your coffin......
Come Next Friday......
I return for vengeance......
and no matter what you do.....
whether The Horde win or lose.....
I WILL get them that One Point of hope.....
when i defeat you and become the FIRST.....
Man to defeat you in UFW!!!


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Re: The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 06, 2008 2:56 am

the sad man eyes the paper in chriso's hand, then looks up at the man glaring at him

"so if at first ya don' succeed, ya try and try again. nuthin' wrong wit' that. 'cept what makes ya think you the only one t'be improvin' y'self? ya think i been sittin' 'round and relaxin'?"

he stands up to face chriso.

"guess i need t'remind ya jus' how good it felt fer me t'beat ya like a dog. 'ow much pleasure i 'ad knowin' i 'ad yer life in me hands. 'ow it must absolutely suck fer ya t'not have what it took t'win. and guess what? i reckon ya still don' got what it takes t'win. you get in me face, and you guarantee y'self the same thing ya got the last time we wrestled."

he lets his words hang for a moment, before continuing.

"or better yet, what ya say i gather this rage i got, and take it out on the mooks who thought you could save 'em from the carnival, eh? maybe i oughta go find luna and give the skank the same treatment i gave you. i'd be doin' 'er a favour mate, as i'd be beatin' some sense into 'er fer hookin' up wit' a cancer like you."


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Re: The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 06, 2008 3:03 am

Boy Bakla overhears the conversation between Sad Man and Chriso. "Now you are after Mr. Sad now Chriso? I have nothing against you but remember you still have to go through me and Dank in a handicap match. We are already at an advantage there." Boy Bakla said while swishing his hourglass figure over. "I am also quite confident we will win, I even took extra training for this."


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Re: The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 06, 2008 9:46 am

at the words "Luna is a skank", Chriso's arm shot out and grasped SadMans throat.
Chriso keeps squeezing his grip as he talks.

I underestimated you i will admit.....
I dont make the same mistakes twice.....
this time you WILL fall.....
And tht comment you just made will rest with you!!!

Chriso releases his grip as SadMan clutches his throat, coughing violently
Chriso looks over to Bakla and smiles.

You my lady.....
have just given me an idea.....
How about this.....

Chriso walks around for a bit before speaking.

SadMan wants me to prove myself to him.....
so tonight i will do just that.....
I win tonight.....
Me and SadMan.....
In the battle of The Horde vs Twisted Carnival.....
And if it isnt me he fights.....
I will just have to take my anger out on Zombie.....
or Better yet.....
The Heavyweight CHAMPION!!!


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Re: The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:45 am

the sad man violently thrusts both hands at chriso, shoving him away.

"ya never underestimated me, you bastard. ya jus' never had a chance against me! you go 'round foolin' peeps wit' yer smoke and mirrors. they thinks you the real deal, and then what 'appens, chriso?"

"you let 'em down!"

"ya poisoned the sentinel horde, chriso! what did luna get from hookin' up wit' you? what did the sentinel horde get from teamin' up wit' you? i don' need t'tell ya what they got from you, do i?"

he advances towards chriso, but is held back by boy bakla.

"and what did i do t'you t'have you come afta me? t'send all yer hooded bastards afta me?"

Flickering torch light comes down the hall and into the parking lot.
Druids come walking around the corner and create 2 lines.
They hold their torches high as Chriso steps around the corner pointing to the security camera he always sets up around his hertz.

The man just waves his arm to show he heared.
while Sads back is turned Druids circle the van.
Sad turns around and starts backing back towards the van.
he gets to the window n feels a cold chill.
Looking up into the Dead Eyes of Chriso who posed as the man in the van.

"it 'coz i was born colored, and that somethin' i got no control over. it was somethin' jonesy had no control over neither. but ya still came afta us. ya don' want our kind in the same fed as you.

Chriso extends his arm and puts his hand around Jonesy's throat.
He looks back at Sad slitting his throat with his thumb.
As he does the lights go out.
When they come back on Chriso is gone along with Jonesy.
The Druids are still there and suddenly leave chanting the words.

An innocent soul has been lost....
At what price is it going to cost.

"ya made it loud and clear that ya don' want colored folk 'ere! and i hate you for that. i didn' go t'redemption and beat ya like a dog 'coz i wanted yer respect. i did it 'coz i hate you, and 'coz someone hadta make a stand 'gainst evil men like you!"

TheSad Man gets a chair from under the ring!

Chriso sits up in the middle of the ring and stares at The Sad Man

The Sad Man hits Chriso with a chair!

Chriso just sat back up!

George Daniels: What is happening here? My Gawd another chair shot! But Chriso has just sat back up again! Chriso is standing up but The Sad Man catches him with a right hook to the face!

Johnny Devil: Yeah but that didn't stop him, Chriso is walking forward into The Sad Man!

George Daniels: But wait! What is The Sad Man doing!?
The Sad Man GRABS you at the core of your soul right in your most intimate of places
and CRUSHES you in one hand without a second thought executing LEGENDARY You Feel Impotent!!

George Daniels: The Sad Man just PLANTED Chriso onto the chair!!!

"and now ya come back 'ere, and ya think i wants ya t'prove somethin' to me!? the only thing i wants from you is t'be able to piss on yer grave. you keep this bs up, chriso, and i guarantee you gonna be makin' that wish come true."


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Re: The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 06, 2008 1:15 pm

Chriso looks down in a saddened look after SadMans words of what he has done to the Horde.
He realises SadMans words have truth in them.
SadMan smiles at this reaction, but then suddenly Chriso raises his head and he has a smile on his face

I still have not recieved an answer to my challenge.....
Send a messenger or yourself to me when you have an answer.

Chriso just turns and calmy walks out leaving everyone angry


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Re: The Threat Returns to Haunt SadMan

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