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Chriso's Trophies Empty Chriso's Trophies

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 06, 2008 2:14 pm

Chriso walks into his locker room, glove still in hand.
He walks over to the trophy case.
He stares at the Devil's head plaque has has atttched to the case and pulls down on its horn.
The trophy case suddenly opens up where Chriso places the glove in its stand.
He pushes the evil's horn back up as the case securely locks once again.
He stands back staring at his trophies before turning around.

Looks like i need some more room....
There is still Zombie's glove to retrieve.....
and anyone else who is foolish enough to get on my bad side.....
Time to go where i havent visited in a while!!!

With that Chriso starts making his way to his hidden Worhshop to make a new Trophy case.


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