Another Interview with The Destructornator!

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Another Interview with The Destructornator! Empty Another Interview with The Destructornator!

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 09, 2008 5:47 am

We come and see Jess Lopez wlaking around with a camera man looking in doors all over the arena. The Locker room was empty and many of the wrestlers where walking around.

Where could he.... uh-oh, it's bakla coming this way, I don't want to get kissed liked my collegue did.

Jess quickly takes a right and walks at a fast pace down a corridor and finally finds who she was looking for

Look there he is, over at the coke machine!
Alex over here, please

As The Destructornator gets up from picking up his coke, he walks over to Jess and the camera man

Why hello Jess, we havn't seen eachother in a while, how are you?

Yes I know, I'm fine thanks!
Now tonight is your first match in the third season, how are you feeling

I'm feeling great, coming off a win at Redemption against Master H boosted my confidence in the ring.

Now you have already faced your opponent tonight, Christian Kane and lost, do you feel you will lose again?

What? I will NOT lose to Christian Kane, and he will not be undefeated anymore!
Christian Kane, if your watching, I will NOT lose and will NOT apologise!

Earlier in the week, you had a brief confrentation with Chriso, when he grabbed you by the throat, told you where he stands and walked off. You got up and seemed very strange, what was up with that?

Well ever since I started here, everyones looked down on me, no-one has actually realised my potential! I asked, and showed why I deserved a title match, that never happened, I beat that pyromaniac freak Azagoth twice.
I then was really going to aid Chriso but if he wants to take on everyone by himself, fine! But I wouldn't be making anymore enemies!

Well umm... thanks for the interview, see you after the match

Yea, seeya

The Destructornator walks off still emotonial


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Another Interview with The Destructornator! Empty Re: Another Interview with The Destructornator!

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 10, 2008 3:07 am

The Destructornator slowly walks past staff members and other wrestlers with his emotional, evil stare.
Jess sees him and runs over


She just watches him walk straight past and takes a right to disappear.

Umm... sorry folks, looks like he is umm... not in the mood for talking, we'll try and get an interview later


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