Getting ready for pelin

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Getting ready for pelin Empty Getting ready for pelin

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 09, 2008 11:30 am

Mr Massivo is preparing for the match tonight. He is staring at his open locker and the ancient wooden box inside. The show starts in 30 minutes, and Mr Massivo can hear the people getting in the arena. Mr Massivo is mumbling something quietly.

Mr Massivo: Smack, kick, then lift. Don't let John Sheridan distract you. Focus your rage to pelin. Make him bleed, and finish him out. No grappling, pelin is strong in that. Keep him at arms length and pound and grind him down. Keep the intensity up, and don't drag it out too long, or he'll have the advantage. Soften him up, then make him bleed. The judges are soft like that, let me have the win, if he bleeds too much. And the old ones get their measure.

Mr Massivo gets up and starts getting warm. He starts jumping on the spot and slaps his face hard every second jump.

Mr Massivo: First pelin. Then check out rex havok, and make sure he's not screwed over. Then prepare to smackdown the wormheart John Sheridan.

He bows to the ancient box, slams the locker closed and leaves to backstage.


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