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And the lights will grow brighter! Empty And the lights will grow brighter!

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:17 pm

*Balo is sitting in the locker room. Balo is rubbing his head looking grumpy. Sheridan is standing next to him with another man.*

Sheridan: Did you get hurt?

Balo: Massa hit!

Sheridan: How about your match?

Balo: Weak.. no hurt Balo.

Sheridan:Good.. Well it was expected that massivo and you would collide. But this was not planned. Why did you run in the ring?


Sheridan: You sure that you didnt go to protect MrMassivo?

*Balo grunts*

Sheridan: Well it cannot be helped that you still like him. We were close, but he turned his back to us. You know that we must fight him as hard as we can?

*Balo nods a bit and Sheridan turns to the man with them*

Sheridan: You wont use this in your article yet. We need to make him bigger before we can use this.

*He turns back to Balo*

Sheridan: This is Mr Smith he will help us on your career. He is a journalist.

*Balo grunts once again*

Sheridan: He is a bit upset.. Alot happened today.

Mr Smith: Well I got everything I needed from the show. I loved it. You ended the match with Bogo as Sheridan told me you would. That move was really original one and effective. I thought Night Rider would die, but gladly he survived. And then there was a clash with Massivo former friend and current enemy. I think I can write series of articles promoting you. We will see first one in couple of days. It was JacksonSun magazine right?

Sheridan: Yes. We start from the bottom.

*Sheridan shakes hand with Mr Smith*

Sheridan: We will see you in next show.

*Mr Smith leaves them*

Sheridan: It starts from here. Change your clothes I take you to eat and rest. You did well.

Balo: Bright lights

Sheridan: I promised you Bright lights and I have kept that promise. Now I will make the light brighter and crowd noisier. I ll wait you out side.

*Balo sits a moment alone eyes closed and smiles a bit. Then he changes his clothes and leaves after Sheridan*

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And the lights will grow brighter! Empty Re: And the lights will grow brighter!

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 18, 2008 4:57 am

*Somewhere in the corridors a phone rings in a mans pocket. Man reaches his arm in the pocket and takes out the cellphone*

Sheridan: John

McKenzie: Hi its McKenzie from JacksonSun magazine. We got your story, but it didnt make in last week. We are putting it in tomorrow. It will be in local section and it wont be a long one. We edited it a bit. But I take this is enough to fullfill our part of the deal. I will email you the copy.

Sheridan: It wont have to be a long one. Just enough to get couple of people interested.

McKenzie: I got one other article about Balo from Mr Smith, but I will have to wait to see how this one hits the readers. I am now sending the article it should be in your mail box.


*Sheridan hangs up and starts looking his email with his cellphone*

It says:

"Local Boy reaching for the fame"

He comes from Jackson and his wrestler name is Balo. Balo's huge frame and his ability to stay on his feet after everything that his opponets throws at him, brings alot of fans to Balo. Combined with shy and decent nature, who wouldnt love him?

I went to his last match and I too fell for his charm. Unlike so many others he doesnt say much and let his actions to speak for him. He was paired with another young wrestler Night Rider and even thou Night Rider was not weak Balo left him no chance of winning. Balos tactic is simple. He uses his huge body to wear opponent down. Night Rider was faster and left Balo no chances of hitting him, but in the end Balo was the winner. Night Rider attacked Balo time after time, but wasnt able to bring him down. The match ended When Rider wore himself down and made a mistake. Balo got a hold on Raider and bogoed him.

Yes his finisher move has been named Bogo. In Bogo balo holds on his opponents legs, steps on his arms and starts using his opponent as a bogostick. I assure you even if that sounds funny it doesnt look funny. I was certain that he would kill Rider, but as a professional he didnt over do it and left Rider with a future ahead of him. After Balo's Bogo, Night Rider was unable to get up and referree decleared Balo the winner.

In my opinnion Balo can become the brightest superstar who has ever risen from out little town Jackson. Join the fanclub and if you have a chance, go see him. It will be worthy. Lets cheer local boy to the top of the pro-wrestling world!


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