Confrontation with Sad Man

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Confrontation with Sad Man Empty Confrontation with Sad Man

Post by Admin on Wed Jun 11, 2008 12:47 pm

Joker walks into the lociker room where The Sad Man is staring into his locker. Joker stands behind him but doesn't look at him.

Joker: So I see things aren't what theyh seem with you anhymore huh Sad?

Joker looks at the back of The Sad Man.

Joker: I see you've found things more intresting then this team.

The Sad Man turns to Joker and gives him a weird look. Joker just hands The Sad Man the tape he was shown by Darkness and I Zombie.

Joker: But I need an answer for this and I want it now Sad Man. Don't think for a second you are above my touch of pain.

Joker waits for an answer.

Death is only the begining of your hell when you face me in the ring!

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