Kelly and Bakla Sitting in the Lounge...

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Kelly and Bakla Sitting in the Lounge... Empty Kelly and Bakla Sitting in the Lounge...

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 11, 2008 11:24 pm

Boy Bakla was cuddling with Kelly Stewart in the lounge outside the locker room, slowly running her fingers down her beautiful locks. "I am glad I found you Kelly."

"Me too, I never experience this happiness before with my adventures with the opposite sex." Kelly replied. "This is all so refreshing, I never expected to find happiness with you Bakla. So I am curious, what do you plan to do with me in your show?" Kelly asked staring affectionately into Boy Bakla's eyes.

"It's a secret dear, you wouldn't want to ruin the surprise do you?" Boy Bakla answered back with a soft smile. "Don't worry, I will make you the most beautiful woman here in UWF. That's a promise." Boy Bakla slowly lowered her lips into Kelly's waiting lips.

Behind a plastic plant a midget smiled as he spied on the couple. "Time to report to the boss..." He said as he slowly sneaked away...


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