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The Destructornator backstage Empty The Destructornator backstage

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:53 am

A interviewer is backstage and sees The Destructornator walking back to his locker with the chair he whacked Master H wit in hand.
The Interviewer confronts The Destructornator by standing in his path, when the Destructornator shoves his right shoulder into the interviewers right shoulder and walks past

Interviewer: Please, Destructornator, we all want you to explain your answers for what you did to Master H

The Destructornator stops and looks over his shoulder. He turns and walks to the Interviewer.He grabs the interviewers hand which has the microphone in it and looks deep into the camera, his evil staring eyes not blinking.

You all want to know why? You want to know why I shed Master H's blood in the ring

He holds up the chair in his left hand showing the blood

I said I am sick and tired of being overlooked in this busniess, and I said I will NEVER be overlooked again!
It's just to bad Master H had to be the victim, but he is one of the main reasons I'm like this!

Interviewer: Do you think Master H actually deserved it, couldn't you have just said what you had to and leave. Hitting him with a chair is just taking the cowards way out in my opinion

The Destructornator, enraged by the interviewers remarks, drops the chair, grabs the interviewer by the collar and forces him on the wall


The Destructornator punches the interviewerin the stomach, hooks his head in his armpit and smashes his head onto the chair that he had dropped moments ago using an Alexrules! DDT

He gets up, picks up the mic and looks back into the camera
You disprespect me, DESTRUCTION be-falls on yourself!
The Destructornator drops the mic and walks away, picking up the chair


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