Interview with the Odd Couple...

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Interview with the Odd Couple... Empty Interview with the Odd Couple...

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 17, 2008 11:26 pm

Jessica Lopez straightened her skirt and sat down beside the newest hot couple in UWF. "Good evening folks, today we interview the newest odd... I mean hot couple in UWF... Boy Bakla and my colleague Kelly Stewart. Good evening Kelly, Boy Bakla..." Jessica started.

"Good evening to you too Jessica and to all the viewers and fans out there who support us." Boy Bakla replied.

"So to get things started, what attracted you to each other?" Jessica asked and pointed the mic towards the couple.

"We'll it all started with a kiss..."
Kelly answered his time. "Something like this... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...." Kelly kissed Boy Bakla on the lips and went all out.

"Um... Guys? Hellooo? Yooohooo? The interview?" Jessica said uneasily...

Replied both Boy Bakla and Kelly as they continued smooching.

"Sigh... I guess this wraps up the interview..."
Jessica said giving up on trying to separate the two...


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