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Repeat????? Empty Repeat?????

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 19, 2008 9:07 am

The Destructornator is talking on his phone to an unidentified person

Yea, I've been havin the same feelin's for the last few weeks.
A repeat of last time?
I won't try and take it that far, I like it here, it's not like EVERYONE are dickheads.....
I promise I will try and hold it ba..
No don't do that, I'll be fine.
Yes, if i get ever like that again, I won't make it dejavui

Alrite, yea, well we'll talk some other time, I'll try and get my fun, happy side back, you kno my moods always loop...
yea, ok, well seeya

The Destructornator places his phone on a shelf in his locker and starts to breath deeply to calm himself down


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