Locker Room Confrontation...

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Locker Room Confrontation... Empty Locker Room Confrontation...

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:27 pm

Boy Bakla's head was being stitched by the resident medic as Kelly Stewart stood by her side with a concerned look on her face. Boy Bakla winced as the doctor finished of stitching the wound that opened after FunnyboneSA's assault.

"Damn Funnybone, I have had almost enough of his interference, this all over a stupid green mullet." Boy Bakla muttered.

Just then FunnyboneSA steps into the room with his army of midgets. "That was just a taste of the pain I will inflict on you come this Friday on the battle royale. Of course if you aren't that busy now I can give you a few more whacks on the head." Funnybone said menacingly raising the steel chair he has in his hand.

Kelly Stewart then stepped in between the two rivals. "Enough Funnybone, you want to get to Bakla, you will have to get through me. And I don't think that management will take too kindly to a wrestler attacking a staff."

"Hiding behind a skirt... Typical of you Bakla, but don't worry, Friday there'll be no Kelly shielding you from me." Funnybone taunted as he turned an left the room with his midgets.


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