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4-Down Fans in the Back Empty 4-Down Fans in the Back

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:35 pm

The PPV, Point of No Return, has just finished. "Hardcore" Cletus is chilling in the locker room, with the hooded DJ spinning some tunes nearby. Cletus and the DJ are talking in hushed tones when a couple of fans with backstage passes show up at the door. They're wearing 4-Down t-shirts so it looks like they are already fans of Cletus.

"Hardcore" Cletus: What's up, little dudes? How'd you enjoy that show? That Last Man Standing Battle Royale looked fierce!

Fan #1: Yeah it was awesome, we wish you could've been in it!
Fan #2: Yeah!! Cletus!! You would've rocked it!

"Hardcore" Cletus: Thanks for the vote of confidence but I'm sure it'll be a little while before I make it to that level here in United Front. Plus, they're probably all getting tended to by the doctors! I've got my music show tomorrow night so I had to take it easy tonight! Are you guys still gonna be in town tomorrow? I'll get you the hookup on some backstage passes for that show too!

Fan #2: Our parents won't let us stay out that late, but we'd be there otherwise!
Fan #1: Yeah! I wish we could go! Aww, and backstage passes! Bummer!

"Hardcore" Cletus: Well, you know what, I'll be personally recording the show on my laptop computer. If you guys drop me a line on my website and make sure you mention I met you backstage at Point of No Return, I'll make sure you get a copy of it. It won't be released so you'll have a bit of an exclusive!

Fan #3: That'd be awesome! You're awesome Cletus!

"Hardcore" Cletus smiles and grabs a few bits of 4-Down merchandise he has in his bag and hands it to the kids.

Fan #1: Ooh, this is the new 4-Down poster! It hasn't gone on sale yet!
Fan #2: Like oh my God, this is awesome! A Cletus hat, with cool droopy ears!
Fan #3: I can't wait to write about this on my MySpace! Our friends are gonna be like so jealous!

"Hardcore" Cletus: Hey, DJ, you know what to do, flip the script and down pitch the speed!

Fan #2: Oh this song is so awesome!
Fan #1: Yeah, you should play it the next time you have a match!

Cletus, the fans, and the hooded DJ rock out for the next 10 minutes when the fans' parents come to get them. They thank Cletus for treating the kids to a great time and head out.

Cletus and the hooded DJ get back to their business. Cletus picks up a dart and tosses it at a poster on the back of his door. The poster features the bright, shining mug of TheRockAttitude.


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4-Down Fans in the Back Empty Re: 4-Down Fans in the Back

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:12 pm

Meanwhile In Rock 'n' Hawk's locker room...

Well my man, we proved once again that we are the greatest tag team ever!

Yeah man, totally.

TheRockAttitude: You know what get's TheRock though? That jabroni Cletus, coming down here with his cheap ass rhymes, who in the blue hell does he think he is? Having the nerve to stand off with TheGreatOne, TheRock is part of the greatest tag team ever! He's not even in TheRock's league! But you know what? Forget him! He's the one who's going to get his rudy poo candy ass whooped all over UFW Arena's everywhere! Lets go get somne pie!

The camera fades away as Rock 'n' Hawk leave the locker room.


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