What the?! How the?! Why the?!

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What the?!  How the?!  Why the?! Empty What the?! How the?! Why the?!

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:19 pm

"What the?! How the?! Why the?!" Kelly stammered as she saw a male Boy Bakla standing in front of her. "This shouldn't be possible, but here you are standing in front of me... All male..."

"There's also a little problem..." Boy Bakla confessed to Kelly. "Now that I am male again, I seem less attracted to you and more attracted to Dank again..."

"Oh no... We got to get you back to being a girl again... I'm not gonna lose you..." Kelly said with conviction.

"Um, I don't have time to fly back to Thailand for another operation... The season is about to start..."
Boy Bakla said.

"I know this guy whose cousin knows this dentist who knows the godson of this doctor in Mexico... He can perform the operation... And cheap too..."
Kelly said. "But we have to leave now..."

Boy Bakla could only follow as Kelly dragged him out of the room...


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