A 4-Down Phone Call

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A 4-Down Phone Call Empty A 4-Down Phone Call

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:05 pm

"Hardcore" Cletus is chillin' in the locker room, a few wrestlers are hanging out nearby. Cletus' cell phone rings and he answers.

Cletus: What's up, man, talk to me.. yeah, it's getting close to time. You all ready? Still got your world title with you, huh? Hah, yeah, must be nice to be the last champion and get to keep the belt. I know you're rockin' it..

Yeah, you know who I've got my eye on here. He has no idea the surprise we got in store for him..

Alright man, good talkin'. Can't wait to see you. 4-Down for life!

"Hardcore" Cletus puts his phone away. He calls out to the hallway. The hooded DJ enters. Cletus nods to him and they have a few words in private.


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