Boy Bakla's Blues...

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Boy Bakla's Blues... Empty Boy Bakla's Blues...

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 03, 2008 10:55 pm

After its transformation back into a male allegedly by extra-terrestrials and its botched operation in Mexico leaving it in gender limbo, Boy Bakla silently contemplated what it should do next. Feeling a little down, Boy Bakla picked up his cell phone and decided to call Kelly.


"Hello?" Kelly answered.

"Kel, it's me, I'm sorta feeling a little down today, I was wondering if we can, you know get together later..." Boy Bakla asked.

"Oh... I would love to... Wait... I'm sorry, I can't I need to do something later..." Kelly suddenly changed her answer. "I'm sort of researching on something. You now I've always wanted to be a journalist and lets just say I found something interesting that may result in the break I need to get into the news biz. I hope you understand dear, I promise we'll have some alone time when I get back."

"Oh... Ok... That's all right... Maybe Dank is free for some beer..." Boy Bakla replied. "Take care Kel... I love you."

Sighing heavily Boy Bakla dialed the number of his friend.


"Hey Dank, it's me... Wanna hang out and have a couple of beers tonight?"
Boy Bakla asked Dank...


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Boy Bakla's Blues... Empty Re: Boy Bakla's Blues...

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:33 am

Dank: Sure meet at the blue oyster lounge.


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