Chriso is in a Daze

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Chriso is in a Daze Empty Chriso is in a Daze

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:22 pm

Chriso returns to the arena for some training that week.
it went terrible and didnt even break the punching bag this time.
he stumbles into Rock n Hawks locker room thinking it is hs own. He sits down with a Pepsi and sprawls out on Rocks sofa turning on the tv.

Rock n Hawk must be out.
Chriso inserts a tape into the machine watching past matches fiquring out what he is doing wrong.

Maybe its the Chrisonator.....
I need to perfect it......
i notice i botching it up alot......
and that is seriously damaging me!


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Chriso is in a Daze Empty Re: Chriso is in a Daze

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:42 am

Chriso falls asleep after a few minutes, laying comfortably on Rock's couch.

He wakes up, startled by something. He doesn't notice anything unusual, though now he realizes he is in the wrong room!

As he gets up to leave, he notices himself in the mirror. Scrawled across his forehead and chin are the words "4 DOWN 4 LIFE"!

He's furious and leaves to head back to his own room to clean up.

Cletus and the hooded DJ spot him on security cameras coming out of the room. Cletus says to the DJ - "Yikes.. I guess those fans didn't realize we only wanted them to paint on Rock & Hawk's faces! But I guess this is pretty funny, too. I wonder what Chriso was doing in there, anyway?"


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