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Bar Room Brawl Empty Bar Room Brawl

Post by Guest on Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:18 pm

//ooc - I apologize for getting this in late. Please feel free to edit it however you wish.Chasm never responded to my PM, so I used his character without his permission. I apologize if I miss-represented him.

::: Chasm and Mojo Jojo are standing in the middle of the ring, which is filled with stools and a Bar. :::

Chasm: Mojo Jojo. I have been tasked by GM Brandon to train you, and you have turned your back on this training.

::: Picking up a glass of beer from the bar, Chasm begins pouring
it out onto the floor in front of Mojo :::

Chasm: You have allowed this alcohol has polluted your thinking, to dilute your abilities

::: Chasm throws the glass out of the ring :::

Chasm: You are weak. You let thatÖ thatÖ

::: Chasm rolls his shoulder :::

Chasm: Ö that filthy hillbilly redneck whoís untrained, undisciplined, to guide you. You have far too much potential for me to
just sit back and let that happen. Tonight, in this ring, your *new* teacher will face your *real* teacher. We will let this ring decide who will train you. Our skills will speak louder than any words I can say to you.

Ring Announcer:
"and his opponent, bubba gump"!
A clip is aired on the Titan Tron, showing some of
the wrestler
s greatest victories and most powerful moves
Sparks are showering
bubba gump makes his way to the ring
dressed in his typical worn out boots, ragged overalls, but missing his
trademark stained t-shirt
with his trainer, who's giving him his last suggestions for the match
technicians create a terrific choreography with coloured lights as he steps
into the ring

Bubba Gump: Chasm, Iís couldnít help but hear yer jaw a yappin all the way from back stage, soís Iís decided to come out here right quick and correct a missunderstandin you apparently got Ďbout me. I may be filthy. I may be a hillbilly and a redneck. But I am not untrained. Just cause I ainít ever been to no fancy school donít mean I ainít got trainin. Me and my cousin Buford done studied every great wrestler thatís ever been. We watched all them on the TV back at home, and practiced every day till I could to them moves just as good as they could.

::: Gump slowly walks around the bar, admiring the setup and
the stools. Gump raises a glass filled with brew to his lips and takes a drink. Immediately, he turns and spits out the fluid from his mouth in a giant spray :::

Gump: What in the world is this trash? Did you go and buy
some cheap ass beer from the corner store or sumpthin? This junk tastes like piss water! Hell, if this is what I called beer, I wouldnít
drink it, either.

::: Gump looks down at the beer in his hand, then back at Chasm :::

Gump: You think drinkin alcohol is Mojoís downfall, Chasm. Iís
startin to think itís you. You and your Hard Knocks High. Yaíll are so uptight with your ďtraining rťgimeĒ. You see Mojo here finally learnin how to live his life, and youís getting scared he might get better than you, surpass you, even. Well, for his learnin that life lesson, Iíll drink to that!

::: Gump lifts the beer again, but instead of to his mouth, the tosses itís contents directly into the face of Chasm :::


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