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Post by Guest on Fri Sep 12, 2008 3:36 am

Animal I have become by 3 days grace sounds through the UFW arena.
Huge pop goes as Power House goes through the entrance curtain and waks down from the stage through the ramp into the ring.

George Daniels: And here come the diabolical Power House. Recently recovered from an ankle injury suffered during the Destruction PPV
Johnny Devil: And as usual, He's gonna run his mouth off on this house show before the season opener on 9/16

Power House grabs a microphone. Crowd starts to cheer while some hardcore babyface fans start to boo

Power House: Its great to be back! Its great that I now have my ankle injury healed. Its great to finally set foot again inside this ring. But you know what isn't great???? huh? One NAME. What isn't great.. is you Azagoth.

Yeah you people heard me right. I ain't done with you yet you freaking pyromaniac! Your glorified stunts with burning anything you see fit has cost me a chance to win my first UFW belt. Not to take anything away from Dank Buddha, he deed indeed wrestled a great match. But somehow, no matter how I think about it. There is one question that keeps bugging me. "WHAT IF THE ROPE DIDN'T BREAK and I wasn't trapped???"

I am not making any excuses. I know I got caught and it is no one else's fault but mine. But admitting that It is my fault doesn't make me stop wondering. For some odd reason, I feel that the only way for me to EXTINGUISH this FIRE burning inside of me is by EXTINGUISHING your fire, AZAGOTH!

So I know you're back there, playing with your matches backstage. So come out here right now! And lets settle this once and for all!


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