Zombie Speaks Out

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Zombie Speaks Out Empty Zombie Speaks Out

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:56 pm

I Zombies music starts blasting through the arena and I Zombie makes his way to the ring. Zombie slides under the bottom rope and stands up. He grabs a mic from a member of staff.

I Zombie: All I got to say is ... whats going on? No Temperedjoker? And I get The Sad Man instead? I was scheduled to fight Sad Man on the NEXT show!! Now then I wonder if Michelle has gone into labour?

Zombie smiles and raises an eyebrow at this thought.

I Zombie: And Chriso can bring his so called "dead" ass!! Cos I'll show him the meaning of PAIN!!!

His eyes suddenly turn red.

I Zombie: Oh! And to the RIOT! guys!! Give up!!! Give up NOW!! You'll die out just like every other faction!! To name ... a few ... Twisted Carnival! The "Normals" haha!!

The crowd boos

I Zombie: Yeh! You all start believing it!! Cos it will happen.. and another one from a long way back in those guys' history!! .. The Uprising!

The crowd cheers wildly at this.

I Zombie: They are ALL NO MORE!!! And you RIOT! will be the same!! Just like ..he sneers.. your federation!

(OOC: no offense to the RIOT guys just I Zombie being I Zombie. Smile)


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Zombie Speaks Out Empty Re: Zombie Speaks Out

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:40 pm

As Zombie goes to leave, the ring the Death Knell sounds that hasnt been heared in ages.
Zombie puts his whole self back in the ring and stands yelling towards the stage.
Chriso steps out amist the smoke with a mic in hand staring down at Zombie who continues to yell at him.
The crowd cheer once more for Chriso, but still not fully. They just choose Chriso over Zombie.

You think Uprising is Dead?........
Uprising never died.......
it was merely waiting for the moment......
that is now upon us.......

Crowd cheer and start the Uprising chant.

Me and Joker have had words......
Conrey and Chasm will follow......
and then the RIOT! guys......
will Rest.....In......Peeeeeeace!!!

The crowd cheer again but Chriso continues.

But dont think your safe from me......
i never forget......
and i almost NEVER forgive......
I will throw the RIOT! guys out the way......
fight all of them at the same time......
if waiting on the other side of them.......
was YOU!!!

Chriso lowers the mic and looks around at the crowd now chanting 'Uprising' and 'Chriso'


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Zombie Speaks Out Empty Re: Zombie Speaks Out

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:02 pm

Zombie laughs crazily then looks at Chriso as he wipes a tear away.

I Zombie: Sorry! Im just .... he laughs again .... what you said was so damn funny!!

His eyes turn back to red and he suddenly turns serious.

I Zombie: You think that a FEW "words" with Joker is gonna make him team back up with YOU?!?! And Conrey?!?! With whom you stole a title shot off of I seem to remember!! Chasm? He's gonna leave the HKH to .. once again .. join with good old little Chriso!! Is that right?!?! And once again .. form the "invincible" UPRISING!!!

The crowd cheers and chants Uprising.

I Zombie: Shut the hell up!!! You gonna fight crime? and battle evil? And all for what?!?! So Joker can go and smack you all across the heads again with a STEEL CHAIR?!?!

The crowd boos at this and chants "no chair, no chair"

I Zombie: Thats right! Ive done my homework! I KNOW ALL about Uprising! And .. funnily enough ... it seemed to end nearly the exact same way that The Twisted Carnival did!!! The Uprising will be The Downrising because here ... its a whole different ball game!! HERE .. its UNITED ... FRONT ... WRESTLING!!! And aint noone gonna change that!!!


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Zombie Speaks Out Empty Re: Zombie Speaks Out

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:21 pm

The lights fade out and the speakers begin to hum.

???: Uprising isn't dead Zombie. We never died. If you did sogood with your homework, then you would've seen the Uprising finished their tasks and were no longer needed. After the Empire toppled over, we all went our seperate ways. I came to the UFW to build a company as the fist star to be signed here. The others had loose ends to tie up. No more and no less.

A spotlight goes into the crowd revealing Temperedjoker sittingon the steps next to a groupof fans. The crowd begins cheering his appearance. Joker looks around and smiles.

Joker: We've all had our reasons for things we've done here Zombie. Some good and some bad. But now some of us choose to unite. I don't forget a single thing that has happened between Chriso and I. Some of these things are unforgiveable. But it is time once again to put aside petty differences.

Joker stands.

Joker: But now new troubles arise. Now is a time for an Uprising to stop an invasion. Nowis the time for an Uprising tostop a demented freak. Nowis the time for WAR!!! See you soon Zombie.

Joker smiles as the lights go back out. They turn backon to see him gone

Death is only the begining of your hell when you face me in the ring!

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Zombie Speaks Out Empty Re: Zombie Speaks Out

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 17, 2008 4:33 pm

I Zombie eyes the place where Temperedjoker was and he smirks.

I Zombie: You will NEVER stop me!!!! I will ALWAYS be here!! In every shadow! In every nightmare! I AM ...... I Zombie!!!


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Zombie Speaks Out Empty Re: Zombie Speaks Out

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