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A message to the Riots Empty A message to the Riots

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 20, 2008 7:18 am

"What's up people?" by Maximum The Hormone hits in the arena while Robert Conrey makes his way to the ring pretty quickly, slapping hands with fan here and there. He jumps on the ringside and enters in the ring

Robert Conrey: "So, what we have now at United Front Wrestling? First we had the freaks, and we still have them, now the Uprising..."

Suddenly the crowd start to chant "Uprising" but Conrey keeps talking

Robert Conrey: "...wants to stick up again. But what bugs me is those punks who thinks they are some riots... who attacked me backstage like cheap cowards. You want to bring it up against the Rockstar? Fine, but get ready to face the consequences. I challenge whoever dares of you to come out here and accept my challenge, one on one, and let's see who is the one that... "rock"!"


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A message to the Riots Empty Re: A message to the Riots

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 22, 2008 12:23 pm

The lights go out in the arena and gunfire is heard overhead, worried murmurs are heard everywhere. "Came Down" by Al Fatz is heard blasting over the speakers, followed by the sound of a Harley revving up.

As the lights slowly come back on, smoke is seen completely masking the arena from view, and a dark figure is seen riding down the ramp on a custom Harley Davidson, disappearing into the smoke. The smoke slowly dissipates revealing the dark figure standing in the middle of the ring.

Jamal Fatz stands with his arms folded across his chest. The gold chains around his neck glitter as the lights brighten and the smoke vanishes. Jamal whistles for a mic, and catches the one thrown up to him.

Jamal looks down and slowly shakes his head. He pauses for minute, seemingly contemplating the situation, then lifts his head and looks Conrey directly in the eye's.

Fatz: I'm sorry it came down to this, Robert. Jus' want yo' to reconize dat we all respec' you, yo' a heck uv a wrestler. But, we been in dis fed fo' a while now, an' to tell you da truth, its a mess, dawg.

Jamal pauses again as the crowd boos, a few start throwing trash on onto the ring.

Fatz: I'm sorry yo' got beat up, but there was a job to do, an' if yo' hand done it months ago, we wouldn't hav had to do it now.

More boos from the crowd cause Jamal to raise his voice so it carries over the crowd.

Fatz: Da truth is, by standing idle and watching from da sidelines, yo' let down all those people dat were gettin' beat on. Something had to be done to make things right, and yo' did nuthin' dawg.

The crowd is beginning to get out of control, screaming and yelling at this this man who has the nerve to chastise their hero. The ring is absolutely littered with trash now.

Fatz: So, if yo' feel like yo've got to somehow save face, here I am. I accept yo' challenge.

Jamal throws the mic to the ground, which quickly get buried as the trash continues to get thrown. The boos of the crowd take over the arena, surrounding the two wrestlers facing off in the middle of the ring.


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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:06 pm

Robert looks at Jamal for a while then he smiles and nods. He scratches his own head and bring the mic to the mouth again

Robert Conrey: "So... I let down the others you say? Uhm, that was pretty hard to do while I was knocked out cold from someone else. Don't you think Jamal?"

He looks in the eyes of his challenger

Robert Conrey: "But that's not a problem, I'll make things right. I'll start with you since you seem the only one with guts to step out here. I'm curious to see how strong you are, then, I want to see how strong the other riots are... and if they won't come out on their own, I'll bring them out on my own."

Suddenly the crowd cheers toward Robert

Robert Conrey: "But guess what... you have my respect to have step out here to face me, see you in the ring next week Jamal"

Robert extend his hand to Jamal


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Post by Guest on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:27 pm

Jamal grins, and takes Robert's hand, and the two wrestlers stand face to face with hands clasped, sizing each other up for a few minutes.

Fatz: Robert, I like yo' style, yo' a good man. I'm sorry we got tangled up in dis mess. I'm lookin' fo'ward to our match, an' may da bes' wrestler win.

The two wrestlers give it a final hand shake and turn to the crowd, hands raised in the air. The crowd begins to roar louder than ever, cheering for their favorite wrestler and in anticipation of this new match.

In the background, the figure of Rey Rey can be seen grumbling and complaining to himself as he begins to clean up yet another mess.


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A message to the Riots Empty Re: A message to the Riots

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 22, 2008 8:46 pm

The lights flicker and the arena goes dim. The tron lights up and begins playing images from the past. Grueling matches between the former Empire and Uprising. Chairs cracking skulls and bodies flying in the air. Suddenly the image stops to a hand holding a bat in the air. On the bat is written, "Fair Play."

The screen dims again and something begins to fade in on the screen. It begins with, "Fair Play Returns!!!"

Then this quickly goes away to fade in a new word. The word is......


The screen fades back out and the lights retunr to normal.

Death is only the begining of your hell when you face me in the ring!

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A message to the Riots Empty Re: A message to the Riots

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