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Power House after the show Empty Power House after the show

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:06 am

ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by 3 days grace roars through the arena speakers.
Power House appears on top of the ramp in street clothes. His head bandaged over the cut he suffered earlier.
Power House proceeds to walk down the ramp into the ring

Power House: Apparently, I don't have a ride home. So instead of going home, I went back here to address that burning pyromaniac. Honestly, I was content that after weeks of hiding from me, I was happy he finally showed his freaking face. I was so happy, that his burning of my ride, I would actually let it pass. However, AZAGOTH, listen to me and I want you to listen very carefully. You should have just burned the limousine, but you should have not run your mouth about things you do not know.

Power House pauses as the crowd starts cheering.

Power House: You said that as grown up wrestlers we should accept winning or losing. Well, this was never about the lost that I had. I don't give a damn about wrestling records...You think I was doing all this was because I lost during the PPV??? C'mon... has the fire burned your senses. Let me ask you something... What do we do as wrestlers inside the ring???

We tell a story... We tell a story using our bodies. We slam the other person to show them we are stronger than them. We hit thim with our fists to show our hatred for them. We accept their kicks because we want to tell that we're tough enough to receive it. Our bodies are sacred to us wrestlers, and that was one thing that you don't understand. YOU BROKE MY ANKLE GODDAMNIT!

Anyone will hate anybody for ending this career. So if you think about it, this was NEVER PERSONAL! IT IS PURELY BUSINESS. You cost me a couple of weeks worth of income and as a return of investment, I would do the same to you. AND get one thing straight! YOU FREAK PIECE OF TRASH. It doesn't matter if its a PPV or a HOUSE SHOW or a WEEKLY SHOW. A FIGHT IS A FIGHT, and freakazoids like you who runs like daddy's little girl away has no business telling me how to fight. YOU CALL ME A WANNABE??? You hide behind your face paint and run around with a couple of hell's lapdogs... and you call me a wannabe??? I don't need a gimmick to be big. I blew up the whole building before because I know no one will get into my face about it, not because I've got a PYROMANIAC GIMMICK! You think burning my ride will change how I think about you. WELL, SOMEHOW it did, In my eyes...YOU'RE MORE PATHETIC than ever.

PIECE OF ADVICE MAN. When you start growing those balls. Go ahead and meet me. Wherever, Whenever. Because to me, you're just a clown with ugly makeup and a weird fetish for fire.


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Power House after the show Empty Re: Power House after the show

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:30 pm

'Tron starts to show nothing but fire... suddenly Azagoth appears and starts to rant....

People like you uses to think that burning things it's a gimmick for me.. maybe 'cause it's the only way to explain themself how someone do things that I do and enjoy it... let me remind you what happened the last time that someone thinks that i burn things as a gimmick...

'Tron Shows somo archieve footage from season one... "Alex the Destructornator" it destroing Azagoth's car with a baseball bat... lefting nothing but twisted metal and broken glases all around.... then the 'Tron Shows Azagoth looking to his own messed car , taking his bottle of flammable fluids and spilling it all over his own car and setting the car on fire.... as he sits in front of it and starts staring the fire with some gone away eyes.... then images of destructornator mansion burning down in flames....

Well that last one must not be there... but anyways....
After that, and a long feud we became friends... or so... and even in that time I burnt his car down again...

I burn things 'cause I love to do so!!!!!

But wel... you talk about your body as a piece of art, you took kicks and punches just to show how rude you are... and give the proper technique at the proper time.... bahhh

If you really think all of that crap... I sugest you to go straight to some MMA fed and prove yourself and the fans haw good enough you are....

Secondly.... as far as I Know... I did just put flames on that ring ropes.... let me teach you something of some good friend of mine....

Fire do not broke ankles... fire just actually Burns... nothing more... nothing less.... If you think that my fire on the ropes almos broke, or actually broke, your ankle.... take a flame and try to broke something by yourself boy..

if your ankle get trapped by ring ropes... it's just your lack of ability.. the ropes could have been on fire or not... The ring rope lock to your ankle did the job... not my flames.... Ok,Ok.. it's far more great for the audience when you got flames involved... but that wasn't a flamework boy....

And last...

Burning your car down... wasn't for make you fell worse about me.... You are not the one who hate me, and definetively you not gonna be the last...to burn your car was just for my own personal satisfaction.... do you call me fire fetish???


'Tron remains showing flames but Azagoth seems to be gone....


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Power House after the show Empty Re: Power House after the show

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:52 pm

Power House just stands in the ring laughing

Power House: Geez, I knew an old geezer would be full of excuses. Didn't know it will be a shitload of crap! Personal satisfaction... whoopeedooo!!!! Until you grow those balls and finally admit what you really are... until you realy understand what the business is all about... you'll always be a second rate circus clown tied by a leash to Zombie's right hand!

Power House throws the mic away showing disgust to the still burning Tron. Power House acknowledges the members of the crowd before disappearing through them


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Power House after the show Empty Re: Power House after the show

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