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Massivo Going 4-Down Empty Massivo Going 4-Down

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:30 pm

A glowing shower of sparks in the shape of a 4 explodes above the entranceway, as one-half of the tag team champions, "Hardcore" Cletus, appears to a chorus of applause. Cletus makes his way to the ring, grabbing a mic along the way.

Cletus: That's right girls and boys, let's make some noise! The 4-Down progression is heavily underway, and if you haven't been keeping track, Balo and Mr. Massivo are the team next on the line for challenging the mystical deliverers of drum and bass. I'm facing Massivo one-on-one tomorrow, giving you guys a taste, giving you what you like - if you like bass. You may notice my partner's absense - well, he's going to be with me for my match tomorrow, so Balo - try any funny business and we're going to rock you like you've never been rocked before.

And why is he absent? Well, surely the challenge for our tag team championships is enough to keep us busy, but we're no slouches. We're keeping our eyes on both the Riots and The Uprising. We pick no sides, we make no judgments - it's all a matter of opinion. And both of you groups better be careful, cause we're causing the main logistics.

Music begins playing over the arena's speakers. Cletus starts dancing and holds the mic up to his mouth as he begins to sing.

You think that we ain't listening, think that we're ignoring ya?
You'll be home in bed and the next minute we'll be storming ya
Push and prodding and snooping,
giving the mind a quizzing
You know we're working, we know where you're living
Got to stop the progression of a conscious killing
You can't stop, we can't give in, how are you willing
To live within a system you don't even understand
and deny there's other motives, other strategies and plans!


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