Power House calls out TheRockAttitude

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Power House calls out TheRockAttitude Empty Power House calls out TheRockAttitude

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 07, 2008 4:24 pm

ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by 3 DAYS GRACE roars through the arena
Power House appears on top of the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd.
His head still bandaged after receiving stitches to the cut he received during last week's show. Power House grabs a mic and proceeds to enter the ring.

Power House: AT LAST! Power House has entered the building!

Power House pauses as the crowd has started to cheer.
Power House: Last week, I had the opportunity to team up with the UFW champ Sad Man. I, unfortunately wasn't able to do much about it as I was a bit "pre-occupied". Because of that, I felt I wasted an opportunity to entertain these fans who wanted Power House to be in the ring with someone who is as big as the UFW champ is.

Now seeing that Sad Man has a very tight schedule, we don't know if 2 superstars like us will be able to be in the same ring again. I, however, has thought of a way to make it up to everyone who wanted to see Power House in an explosive event inside the ring with an individual as big as The Sad Man.

Power House pauses as the crowd cheers in anticipation

Power House: You see while I was in the parking lot destroying a Camry, which I believe was owned by a gentleman who was a known pedophile, I witnessed the entry of a superstar who I learned made a big impact here in UFW. Unfortunately, while I was in the locker room, I saw this individual make his way to the ring and express his support for RIOT! I think you know who I'm talking about. The RockAttitude!

Crowd boos again. chants of Rocky Sucks begins

Power House: Now, I thought to myself, why don't we let the bone breaking! blood spilling! girl-stealing! limousine riding! sledgehammer wielding! tower of power! Power House GO ONE-ON-ONE with the trail-blaizing! eyebrow raising! pie-eating! jabroni beating! candy ass whooping! People's Champ

The crowd starts cheering in anticipation of a great match-up

PH: The most electrifying man in sports-entertainment history in the ring! Against the most DANGEROUS! - - (together with the crowd) YES ITS DANGEROUS! --- force to ever set foot in a wrestling arena. We're gonna blow the roof off this building, we're gonna set your seats on fire! Those tickets will be sold out faster than Michael Phelps can swim record time!

So what do you say... Rocky?


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Power House calls out TheRockAttitude Empty Re: Power House calls out TheRockAttitude

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:08 pm

Flames at the JumboTron... No Music at all.... Suddenly Azagoth voice sounds from everywhere on the arena...

"Put seats on fire"????
"Explosive event inside the ring"????
"Blow the roof out of this building"???

Let me tell you something little Boy.. you are all full of ...


but haven't got reality trough your words....

Take care of what you wish... 'cause I can give you every of the things you asked before...

Let me see...

what it's coming first....

Blow the roof away????

put sits on fire???

mmmm No!!!! I take


At the time that Azagoth is saying the words a huge explosion come from below the ring , The ring seems to levitate a few feets into the air before lost its support anf falls to ground level at the very same time it starts to burn.... flames came from beneath the ring... while the sound of the blast it's still deafing the arena away... now a molotov cocktel came from an unespecified place in the middle of the crowd just to the middle of the ring... to help to flames go higher...

Wow... I must give thanks to one of my loyal die hard arsonist fans out there I think... hehehehehe

Our next PPv it's at hand little boy... You asked a match against me, and it was granted... So... you shall not be safe from me anymore... Your little Crying Bas**rd

I didn't Know you where an Hit and runner little coward!!!!

And by the way....
Ask Rocky who was the newcomer who beat him to the point of unconciousness in the UFW's seasson One...

ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha


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Power House calls out TheRockAttitude Empty Re: Power House calls out TheRockAttitude

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:00 am

Power House was distraught as huge flames tower around the ring. The heat seems to be creating a haze as Power House was seen trying to find a way out.

Fans are cheering BURN! BURN! BURN! BURN! as Power House can't seem to find a way out of the burning ring.


Crowd was shocked as they see Power House running towards a very high wall of fire and jumped through it. Power House then grabbed another microphone

Power House: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That the best that you've got??? If that's the best that you have then you better move over pyromaniac UFW HAS-BEEN!!! FOr all I care you can join your old buddy I Zombie who Joker renamed as Hamburglar!!! Full of metaphors but lack reality??? You stupid or something??? I should have guessed that freaks like you only know gimmicks but have no real brain inside your head.... the newcomer who beat The Rock... who cares???

Why don't you ask yourself who was the newcomer who beat YOU! To an inch of your life inside a car??? You call me Hit-and-Run??? Shall I remind you who was behind the wheel during that time... Oh I forgot.. I don't have to remind you... Your face was the steering wheel that time... Your horn just sounds worse!

Stop your whining you crybaby... I beat your ass in live TV last time we met in the parking lot... Frankly... I don't think you're good enough to fight me anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Power House continues to laugh as exits the arena. Camera fades to black


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Power House calls out TheRockAttitude Empty Re: Power House calls out TheRockAttitude

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