A Sad End at Battleground

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A Sad End at Battleground Empty A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 11, 2008 1:38 pm

[ooc: go to the battleground ppv first before going over this post]

the pay per view broadcast for ufw battleground has come to a close, but there is heated fury in the building, with chants for blood and cries of treason.

and robert conrey is loving every shout and curse hurled his way.

George Daniels: This can't be true! I refuse to believe it!

Robert Conrey: "Oh yeah, rey rey, that... 'guy' I seen sometimes in the backstage, yes I guess it was him. He is nothing already, let alone a 'guidance' but he can't even make up his mind, he joins, he quits... man, you will never make your way to the top like that. Then we have... The Rock? Let me think, the last time that Rock tried to help the Riot I busted his ass with a RockstarPlex. Yes, really a good example for those guys, no doubt about that. Rock, you may be a good... uhm... average wrestler, but you 'don't rock'!"

The arena is full of chants and booes against Conrey now...

Robert Conrey: "So here I am, the big deal for the Riot, I'll guide them in United Front Wrestling and 'ladies and gentlemen' you are about to withness a new era. Riot will dominate over United Front Wrestling with a guy like me... the FIRST EVER United Front Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion! The Last Man Standing at the last LMS Battle Royal! A veteran, who gone through Destiny Wrestling, the creation of the Uprising, United Front Wrestling and now... The Fall of the Uprising"

Robert looks around and spread his arms, even as the reality of the situation sinks in for the wrestlers representing ufw

Robert Conrey: "So love me, or hate me, I don't care. But Robert Conrey and the Riot, are the future of United Front Wrestling..."

George Daniels: This can't be true! I refuse to believe it!

sad man: bullshit! this bullshit! this wha'you be wantin' conrey? hitchin' up wit'em? you uppin' t'stab us in the back!

the sad man glares a hole through conrey, even as the members of riot make their way back in the ring. judging from the looks on their faces, several members of riot too were not expecting this development.

sad man: you wanna makes a statement by stabbin' us in the back? ya best knows what yer gettin' into conrey! see i thinks i knows ya enough, mate. you tellin' everyone 'ere you gonna be leadin' riot sound pretty, but i knows ya jus'take orders from someone else! someone feeds ya bs, and ya starts agreein' wit'im!

conrey returns the sad man's glare, but says nothing.

sad man: that wha'i be sayin' conrey! someone feeds ya bs, and ya starts agreein' wit'im! 'fore ya knows it, ya thinks the whole world be outs t'get ya, jus'like yer riot buddies think everyone in ufw be out t'get 'em!

the remaining members of the uprising and hard knocks high have begun surrounding the ring.

sad man: you think yer a smart guy, robbie? ya jus'put yerself in the same pickle yer new buddies be in. yer up t'yer neck in it now, mate.

the riot and ufw wrestlers are in a standoff as the sad man finishes saying his piece.

[ooc: anyone feel free to add onto this]

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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 11, 2008 3:33 pm

Fireworks explode all over the arena Raining Blood starts to blast its way through the arena once again. All the wrestlers in the ring get taken by surprise. Sparks shower down from the titantron and Zombie appears through the sparks. The fans boo and cheer, not knowing who he will ally himself with. He limps down to the ring. His face now looking rather deformed.
He gets into the ring and stands in front of Riot and UFW wrestlers. He looks at the Riot! superstars.
Then he turns his attention to the UFW superstars. He looks at Sad Man. Then he looks at Chriso.
Then he comes to Joker. He fully turns towards Joker. He looks Joker up and down and looks closer at Joker as if to say "look what youv done to my face." Then he looks at Conrey. He walks towards The Rock and sneers at him.

I Zombie: So look at this! THIS!! .. is what has been going on since Ive been away! Well ... he walks upto Conrey ... quite a mess you've got yourself into isnt it boy! I know what your all thinking!! Whats Zombie gonna do? Is Zombie going to join Riot! after what Joker did to him? Or is Zombie gonna join the UFW .... to help ... SCREW IT!!! ... TO HELP STOP THIS RIOT GODDAMN SCUM!!!

The crowd cheers crazily.

I Zombie: Thats right!! And I speak on behalf of Boy Bakla! And Rey Rey! I am UFW through and through! FROM NOW!!! ... all feuds and arguments I have against these .. he points at Joker then Chriso then Sad Man .. ARE PUT ON HOLD! TO DESTROY ALL OF YOU!!!! And Im so glad that Conrey has decided to join Riot! cos I still get to kick your little ass!!! I Zombie ... HAS!!! come back!!! And Riot! ... will ... be ... laid to dust!!!!


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 11, 2008 4:20 pm

Joker returns to the ring to confront Conrey in the mist of all the others still around. He looks at COnrey and shakes his head in disgust. He turns to look at all of the UFW faithful still surrounding the ring. He gets a grin on his face as he turns back to Conrey.

Temperedjoker: So sins of the past can not be put aside for the greater good of our federation huh rockstar? If anyone in this damn company has a reason to hate me it sure wouldn't be you Conrey. We had our match and I played it by your damn rules.

Joker turns and points to Sad Man.

Temperedjoker: I nearly killed his friend and he stands by me.

Joker turns and points to Zombie.

Temperedjoker: I nearly ended this mans life and he stands beside me.

Joker returns to Conrey.

Temperedjoker: But you Conrey. I play by your rules and you of all people stab me in the back. Well what you see before you is no longer a group of unorganized teams. These men that you turn your back on are no longer the team of HKH or even the Uprising.

Joker moves back to the ropes and stares at the tron as the lights dim out. A series of flashes begin going across the screen.

Temperedjoker: You've awakened a new breed of heros with your cowardice Conrey. A group that is done with all of the Riot! squads trouble. Say hello to.......

Joker points to the tron and all in the arena turn their attention to it. The tron continues to show fuzz and make strange noises for a moment before it goes completely blank. Suddenly words appear onto the screen. The words are.......


Temperedjoker returns his attention back to Conrey as the loyalist fans begin chanting, "UFW!!! UFW!!!"

Temperedjoker: No more ridiculous names to hide behind Conrey. Now only two teams ae aorund. Team Riot and Team UFW. You want to join these so called good wrestlers of yours? So be it Conrey. Say hello to our team.

Joker turns his back to Conrey as he steps out of the ring. The Sad Man, Pelin, Mojo Jojo, Chasm, and Chriso all stare at Conrey as Joker returns to the back of the arena.

Death is only the begining of your hell when you face me in the ring!

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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 11, 2008 7:50 pm

Chriso recovers after the match not sure what happens.
He remembered going for the finish and then being grabbed from behind and then blank.
Chriso gets up to his feet still wobbly and looks around at everyone.
Riot! are walking up the ramp celebrating, Chriso looks down in dissappointment but then his eyes suddenly snap to Robert among them.
He looks completely shocked with wide eyes as he looks to the titantron.
a replay of Robert coming up behind him and grabbing him plays as he does the RockstarPlex.
Chriso snaps his head back toward as Robert stops smiling and looks worried.
Chriso's eyes bulge as he does the Dead Eyes and the Slit Your Life taunt.

Robert and Riot! come back to the ring and point and yell at Chriso.

Chriso runs against the far rope and bounces off it.
Using the momentum to launch himself over the top rope onto Robert and RIOT! executing an UNBELIVABLE FOR A BIG GUY Flying Press over the ropes.

George Daniels: Chriso is already on Robert and unleashing blow after blow onto him as RIOT! try to get him off.

Johnny Devil: Chriso temper gets better of him again. Everyone else just gives simple warning, Chriso has to get physical.

George Daniels: Well thats what Wrestling is Johnny....God!!!

Chriso continues with the blows as Riot carry on try to release him.


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 12, 2008 9:33 am

Suddenly a quick kick raches Chriso in a body part that should remain usually safe for a male wrestler. Robert manges to shove off Chriso with the other members of the RIOT and then he walks back, keeping an eye on the Deadman and the other Uprising member

Robert Conrey: "Oh, now... now... see? You see what you are?"

He points to Chriso

Robert Conrey: "ANIMALS!"

He points to Zombie

Robert Conrey: "FREAKS"

The crowd booes heavily to Robert and chants against him starts

Robert Conrey: "You think to be the cool and good guy, you are just a bunch of uncontrolled fiends that have a mask on their face! You guys are "scolding" me maybe? Yeah, yeah, you all sound like a serial killer who is preacing a kid to not hurt others..."

He looks unimpressed to them and keep talking netween the angry chants

Robert Conrey: "You guys are false, you guys are not credible, my 'backstab' as Sad Man likes to call it, is nothing more than what you guys already did to me in the past. So screw you, I'll play my own game with my own rules, and you will see who is the real, better, improved Robert Conrey"

He pretend to play a bass and then adds

Robert Conrey: "To me it's fine, Team RIOT against Team Hipocrisy, but don't think that I'll be so naive like I was before, watch out... The rockstar is gonna rock UFW"

He drops the mic and makes his way toward the backstage with the other members of the RIOT


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:23 pm

When cheers and booes quiet down a bit, Pelin take out a microphone and climbed on a turnbuckle, spread his arms wide and ask the audience.
“Does anyone thinks that there is something Oximoron-ish in Conrey’s words and actions?”

He paused for a sec
“So you all heard Robert called us Team Hypocrisy. Robert of all persons. Same man for who I received more than one hit in the head. Robert, who I never betrayed or sold, no matter what.
Same Robet Conrey who proclaimed that he is THE Face in this fed, and that he will never give up proper behavior and honor in wrestling.

That person did not only break a deal that he will stick up with his team, but even worse. He attacked his own brothers in arms from the back.
Betrayed them, and then called them backstabbers, animals and losers.

Hypocrites. You called us hypocrites? Robert my friend you should be captain of the Team Hypocrisy.”

Pelins voice become bit more quiet and stern
“Choices! You had chance to see my clip about choices. Robert just made one of them.
You will have more than one opportunity to backstabb a person who called you a fiend for your personal gain.
You will have more than one choice to break your word, that you will watch someone’s back, cause you will receive better offer.
You will have choice to hurt lots of people, cause you did not have strength to forget, or to wait with your quarrel with one of them.
But is that particular choice make you moral and good person? No.
Is that choice make our world better and more trusting? No. “

Pelin jumps down from the ring and add with a sad voice
“Today is a sad day. Today one of the best face wrestlers of this fed, has died.”
and leave with his head down and without uttering another word.


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:19 pm

When Conrey and THE RIOT was about to reach the exit at the top of the ramp a high flames explosion that make each and every one step back a few steps and get a bit blinded, whit their hands covering the eyes... at this time , two bottles fly all over the Rioters, falling a few steps away of them and exploding at floor contact.... When the whole stable get trapped between the two fires.. Azagoth run through the two flame walls and get to the ring.... flaming a little bit from the whole left arm and from the right leg...

Wow... this allways happens from time to time... but I don't care

Says Azagoth at the time that the flames gone slowly from his asbestos made attire...


I've been member of the Sentinel Horde, Freak at heart, and I did try to make my own revolution down here some day in the past....

I did hate Brandon from my guts the time when he screwed me.... and had tryed to burn this place down a couple of times....

But I never had been against this Fed... my fights were allways for make U.F.W the gretest Fed. on the Sport E·ntertainment History....

So... If our Homeground is in danger... Every enemy becomes common... no more personal issues!!!!! This is a fight for survive....

And I'm on the U.F.W's Side!!!!!

So... don't play with fire Riot guys.... or you may burn bad....
I tell 'cause I know!!!!!!!

And now....

I'm talkin' for the whole loocker room back there...

This it's the time for take sides....
if anyone isn't a part of the solution....
Then it's part of the Damn Problem.....

no neutrality will be tolerate!!!!!

So... who else back there feels that U.F.W itself is more important than any of our personal feuds or hates????


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 13, 2008 9:20 pm

as the flames die down.. tension starts to rise even more.
ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by 3 days grace suddenly roars through the arena.
Crowd cheers as Power House has appeared with the crowd.
Both RIOT and UFW don't know what to make it of it as Power House had always been known to work alone and not join any group. Power makes his way down through the crowd and stays in between the RIOT guys and the ring where the UFW loyalists are.

Power House: WEEEE!!!! Quite a predicament! WOAH! What an intense situation we have here... one one side we have RIOT! *pauses* a bunch of loud, whining, crybabies who feel all misunderstood...

Crowd cheers as Power House disses RIOT!

Power House: On the other side, in the ring right now, we have a collection of people pretending to be friends but would sell their own mother's soul for less than a dollar!

Crowd boos as Power House disses UFW!

Power House: And to add to that, you've got the pyromaniac right there who I hate so much. Its a wonder the ring can support all of you guys in there given that the collective ego you guys have are bigger Johnny Devil's fat-ass wife! Joining you will be like putting a target on my back... with the words "BETRAY ME, IM A SUCKER!" written in 5 different languages!

Crowd boos even more loudly as Power House continued in insulting UFW!

Power House: So the choice doesn't have to be very hard for me then. I think I know which side I'll belong...

Crowd boos as Jamal Fatz walk down the ramp to hand Power House his RIOT! T-shirt. Power House starts wearing the shirt as the crowd boos gets louder. Jamal Fatz grabs Power House's hand and raises it to welcome him to RIOT!

Power House: Nice shirt! But the color doesn't suit me!

Power House pulls Jamal Fatz and lifts the him across his shoulders in a death valley driver position
and he lifts the opponent legs and spins him around driving his opponent face first into the mat executing a MORTAL Power Trip outside the ring

Other members of RIOT! starts to rush to help out but Power House grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring and quickly rolls inside to join the other UFW wrestlers amidst the cheering crowd

Power House: I guess this makes me a hypocrite then! *faces Azagoth and the rest of the UFW guys* I don't have to like you... I just have to hate them! *looks toward TemperedJoker* This enough proof for you, mate?

Power House turns faces the rest of the RIOT guys and rips his shirt off then throws it outside the ring


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 14, 2008 5:09 am

The RIOT! people are stumbling up and are about to charge on Powerhouse but Robert, who stayed still to look the scene, rushes in front of them and stops them, pointing to the backstage telling them to go

Robert Conrey: "Ok, enough of this..."

He turns toward the two new guy

Robert Conrey: "Azagoth, Powerhouse, you are just two people to bring down, wanna join UFW? Good to me, is not like I want losers on RIOT side. You want be more than a little coffee break pause on the RIOT way to success"

Conrey and the RIOT goes toward the backstage making sure no one else wants to play a surprise entrance. At the last step Conrey smirks and turn pointing to PowerHouse

Robert Conrey: "Hate to tell that, but man, you can't live anymore in the world of the dreams. The reason you always have been alone is not because of a choice of your, but because nobody wanted you. And Azagoth, who play with fire, get's burned"

Then he leaves with the RIOT toward the backstage

[OOC: RIOT! is off this RP Razz If you want to RP with us use another topic now XD Too much RPs here XD ]


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 14, 2008 11:07 am


I think he stole my line....

I'm a bloody arsonist god damn it!!!!!!

I know exactly wath fire do, you Idiot!!!!!!

my body is burned to tell....

but Anyways....

They are all out of here right now....

So... let's talk about us....

So welcome PH......
You have shown you have the balls....
the balls to put any hate aside.... in the name of the FRONT!!!!

The same balls shown by Zombie and Joker, or SadMan and Chriso....

But this it's the call....
the the whole damn locker room back there....

Anyone else wanted to be part of this FRONT!!!!!!

anyone else want to be a true U.F.W. wrestler????


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A Sad End at Battleground Empty Re: A Sad End at Battleground

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