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4-Down but not Out Empty 4-Down but not Out

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:07 pm

A glowing shower of sparks in the shape of a 4 explodes over the rampway, signaling the arrival of the former tag team champions, 4-Down. "Master" Horn and "Hardcore" Cletus make their way to the ring, Horn picking up a mic on the way.

Horn: Well now.. you can see we no longer carry the tag team titles.. We knew the bulls eye was on our backs, with all the claims we made about cleaning up the tag team division.. and well, we got what was comin' to us..

So this is it boys.. we don't know who the two people who jumped us before our match were.. and instead of calling out the ones who did it.. We're putting targets on everyone's backs and we're not even going to bother asking questions.

So.. the new tag team champions, Balo and Massivo.. we're taking our rematch whenever we can get it. And we're not playing it nice this time.

Shadow_Warrior, we know you've got problems with the new tag team champions, but that doesn't change the fact that you were heavily invested in them before the show.. that puts you right up there on our list.

And then the fun begins.. Riot, we see The Rock with you, and don't think we wouldn't put it past any of you to help him try to get back at the two men who ran him out of town.

And The Uprising? Yeah, we don't trust you either. All of you better watch your backs, because we're not worried about ours anymore.

Now Cletus, what you gotta say to all the boys in the back?

Cletus: This one's going out to each and everybody in this place
Puffin' up their chest, gettin' in our face
Better be listening to the sounds of this hip hop drum and bass
If wanna you get hyped come here and take a taste
Time is going quick and there ain't no time to waste
Certain teams come into the arena only to misbehave
Abuse of power, knockin' out refs to keep on the evade
And that's no way to play
It's time to represent the intelligent way
Stop using the weak as easy prey
You gonna get your karma when you're old and grey.
Listen to what I say because this music is gonna stay
So peace boys we ain't about asking why
There's somethin' you can say
And that's that 4-Down will never die
To all the teams that like to cheat to get by
They want the best deals that money can't even buy
Once again we don't need the punks spoilin' up our vibe
Don't matter what color and size, time to recognize
As I come with this conscious rhyme to stick in your mind
All we need are these united vibes!


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4-Down but not Out Empty Re: 4-Down but not Out

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:58 pm

Jungle drums start playing, and Mr Massivo enters wearing a Jaguarskin mask and huge jaguar coloured python on his shoulders and the Tagteam Championship Belt on his waist. He stops in the top of the ramp, and raises his arm as a mark, and the drums stop.

Mr Massivo: Yes. It's me. Your new champion. The master of muscle. Kind and true man of steel. Big hearted, and a great lover. Kind to animals and lawyers. Chosen of the ancient ones.

Mr Massivo lets the boos to die down a bit, before continuing.

Mr Massivo: 4 down. I'm sorry some coward attacked you in the Battleground PPV, but I'd like to point out a few things.

Mr Massivo turns at the Titantron, where a part of the PPC is shown. There Hardcore Cletuses attackers just flee, and the camera cuts to the ringside, where Mr Massivo and Balo have just entered.

Mr Massivo: As you can clearly see, apart from my Physical Superiority...

Mr Massivo takes a pause while the boos die down a bit.

Mr Massivo: As you can clearly see, we had nothing to do with your horrid attack. Me and Balo were both SHOCKED, to hear that you had been ambushed so, and just before our match.

Mr Massivo lets the boos from the crowd die down a bit again.

Mr Massivo: Balo almost insisted we give back the titles, after he heard what had happened. But I insisted, that both of you are so good wrestlers, so professional... that such distractions couldn't have affected the final outcome of our fight. You were just faced against immovable Balo and me, the strongest warrior in this federation.

Mr Massivo corrects the feather python on his shoulders, and poses for a while, as the crowd boos.

Mr Massivo: I not only condemn such cowardly attacks, but offer a bounty of one hundred thousand dollars, to anyone who brings us the persons responsible for such disgusting act of TREASON!

The crowd cheers and boos.

Mr Massivo: As long as I, the strongest man in this federation, remain your champion, such acts WILL NOT go unpunished! I join you in this task of punishing those responsible! I stand by the 4 down, and by justice!

The booing grows to unbeliveable volume.


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4-Down but not Out Empty Re: 4-Down but not Out

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 17, 2008 12:12 pm

Cletus: That's very cute, Massivo. And very convenient that the attack happened at the exact moment you were entering ringside. We'll do our own search, thank you, and I think you've got bigger problems to deal with.

Cletus tosses the mic back to Horn.

Horn: Yes Massivo.. like I said.. we're coming for our rematch.. The titles will come back where they belong.. The ice cold flames of 4-Down are growing brighter than ever.. and when we meet next, you won't be so lucky.


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4-Down but not Out Empty Re: 4-Down but not Out

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:25 am

(OOC: needed to edit this, after the show was announced)

Mr Massivo looks at the 4 down.

Mr Massivo: Oh, yeas. You have already negotiated the rematch for the tag team title. How convenient. You must be proud of your managerial skills.

Mr Massivo seems to go in a different mood. He nods to himself, and continues.

Mr Massivo: We will meet you on the ring. Be ready. And this time, "Hardcore" and "Master". Try not to have convenient excuses when you lose. Bring your blood!

Mr Massivo leaves to the backstage.


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4-Down but not Out Empty Re: 4-Down but not Out

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