D-Tizzle has something to say!

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D-Tizzle has something to say! Empty D-Tizzle has something to say!

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:37 pm

The crowd, still hot after the last match, Hears "Victory" by Puff Daddy start slamming over the P.A. system

D-Tizzle, makes his way to the ring, his girlfriend, Tigress, accompanying him to the ring... Flames, exploding to the beat of the music, as he walks down to the ring starting fights with the crowd. He gets to the ring, does the sloppy melvin, and the crowd goes wild as thunder erupts in the building. He looks towards the table, and yells "Give me the mic!"

"YO, here's how it goes, everybody knows, that D-Tizzle has raised hell here in the UFW since his arrival! Yah I know, a lot of the hell has been towards Supreme Knight, but that chump has it coming (the crowd roars). Oh the god of babies had his suit ruined, but then everyone knows what I did to that spoiled freaks car. What I did to his car is a complete and utter understatement of what I will be doing to him when I get him in the ring (The crowd is hanging on every word D-Tizzle says). Now I hear that Supreme Knight wants to take on this guy in a Ladder match. are you kidding me! I don't care if its a ladder match, a cage match, hell even a banana on a pole match, D-Tizzle will whip him down to earth! Do you all want to see that happen? (crowd replies "hell yeah!") Well after that, D-Tizzle wants to continue his wrath of pain throughout the UFW!!! But get this ya'll, his contract is up! (the crowd boo's overwhelmingly!!!) So D-Tizzle needs your support!, D-Tizzle needs your support in taking down Supreme Knight, and the rest of UFW!" So let me ask you, my UFW posse, should the UFW re-sign D-Tizzle?" (the crowd cheers in agreement!), "I can't hear you?!" (the crowd, gets even more excitment, and starts chanting "Sign him up, Sign him up!, Sign him up!!"), I guess I rest my case...Supreme Knight, prepare for total domination!!" (the crowd starts cheering louder!, "Sign him up, Sign him up!, the crowd is erupting, as Victory plays again through the P.A.) (D-Tizzle walks out of the ring, girlfriend in arm, and leaves the ring area)


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