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Post by Guest on Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:14 pm

:::: Unleash the Dragon’ by Sisqo awakes the fans in attendance out of their UFW forced stupor, for they know they are now in for a treat. Richard ‘The Dragon’ Johnson appears on the entrance ramp to the delight of the RIOT fans, and all the women, in the audience. Arriving with his traditional navigator style sunglasses and short robe, called a dobak, loosed around his waist and exposing his chest, Johnson appears with his dragon head embroidered Speedo wrestling trunks. He waves to the audience and parts the ropes to address the crowd, most probably about his match tomorrow against the Dutch, Mojo Jojo. ::::

Dragon: “You know, I’ve been in this federation for three seasons now and ever since I’ve stepped foot into this arena, there has been this irritating buzzing going on in the background, in fact I blame my early losses upon it. But, as time progressed and I got used to it, I started winning, and it went from irritating to background noise, although never less annoying. I’ve never found out what that noise was, I just thought it was something loose that UFW management was too cheap to fix. With the way this place is run and how we from RIOT are kept down, THAT I can understand. It wasn’t until this week that I’ve found out what that horrible racket is here, it is Mojo Jojo running his mouth on and on about absolutely nothing. And with a rare moment of genius, UFW management has given me the chance to finally shut that trap up.”

:::: The announcers and the crowd crack a smile at Johnson’s light hearted humor at the battle he is about to face. ::::

Dragon: “I think we finally found out what happened to Pelin’s horse, he just couldn’t take it anymore. The Sad Man isn’t really that moody, he just can’t think straight. Azagoth isn’t a bad man with a hit out from Smoky the Bear, he just wants to burn down the house to get rid of the damn buzzing too, and I understand and sympathize. And no, management, that grinding noise in the office is not Eunice Winslow’s personal massager, its only Mojo Jojo begging her to get an International title shot!”

:::: The crowd roars with laughter. Johnny Devil falls out of his seat from laughing. ::::

Dragon: “Mojo, get something straight. The family that plays together stays together. And RIOT is a family. Gump and Fatz are pre-occupied together. If you want to get at that International Championship, you have to go through the Most Perfect Male Specimen in sports first. If I have anything to say about it, that belt is staying at home. You see, Mojo, you can’t deal with the masterpiece that is the Modern Day Adonis, take a good look.”

:::: Quite a few cat calls follow Johnson’s pose down. ::::

Dragon: “That was for the female fans, not you Mojo. You will be getting an up close and personal look tomorrow night. Just remember, it’s not my fault that the Reign of Fire is coming down on you, I didn’t make this match. You can thank your esteemed UFW for your butt-kicking. Enjoy your day off before physical rehab, Mojo.”

:::: Johnson leaves the ring the same way he entered, all smiles and full of confidence. If winning was all a mind set, the Dragon would have this one in the bag. ::::


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