Supreme Knight Talks about T-Dizzle's Contract.

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Supreme Knight Talks about T-Dizzle's Contract.

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:06 pm

:::Down With The Sickness starts to blare loudly as fans starts cheering and booing all at the same time. Then from backstage comes Supreme Knight and it all turns to boos in an instant. Supreme Knight, who is decked out in a jet black suit and a white silk shirt without a tie on, smirks slightly as he walks down to the ring with the suitcase that he grabbed during the ladder match. As he approaches the ring he looks around and chuckles to himself as he enters the ring and pulls out a microphone with RIOT! on it and puts it up to his mouth as the music fades away. For a few seconds Supreme Knight bathes in the chorus of boos as it makes him feel very comfortable and happy with what he was hearing.:::
Supreme Knight: Last week a young punk by the name of T-Dizzle went out of his way to make sure he made my life a living hell. He ruined clothes, he vandalized cars and laughed at the site of me getting upset. Now he did all those things, forgetting that he was doing those things to...A GOD!!!
:::Supreme Knight lifts his arms in the air as the fans began to boo again. Supreme Knight smiles again as he puts the mic to his mouth:::

Supreme Knight: In this suitcase I hold right here, are two paychecks. One has my name on it and the other has Dizzle's. I'm not going to cash it. I think I'm going to frame it and look at it every night. Now for the other reason I came out here. T-Dizzle says that his contract is up. I'm here to say to our lovely GM, please give him a new contract! This little dance between me and him is far from over. He can't just come in here cause his little bit of hell and run out as soon as someone opens a can of whoop ass on him. I say, sign him to a new contract and let the class sessions really begin!

:::Supreme Knight starts heading towards the ropes to exit the ring as Down With The Sickness starts playing over the loud system.:::


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