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Post by Guest on Mon Nov 03, 2008 6:03 am

Sound of the war drums started in the background, as the lights started to dim, screen on titan tron flickers
As camera focused on the blur of colors we see that on screen is bloodied Riot t- shirt lying on the grass.
Suddenly colorless liquid started to fall on the shirt from somewhere. When shirt was wet, lone and lighten match fallen on her and shirt went up in flames.
Camera zooms out showing Pelin still holding box of matches and jug of moonshine. He was naked to the waist showing his tattooed body and wearing usual soft leather pants and boots but with add on of black wampum belt from which was hanging black obsidian hatchet.
Former champion turned to the camera showing his serious face and stern look

„It was enough! Last season Riot guys attacked me twice from ambush, first show of this season they worsened their despicable behavior and attack defenseless animal.
Thing with the „Dragon guy“, was just a warning. It is time for you to think about your actions, cause if you keep doing same… I'll do more of the same too.”

Pelin dropped jug and the matches, and with blinding speed he pulled black tomahawk from the wampum and throw it to the camera. On the screen there was just blur of the movement second before hatchet hit the camera and screen went dark.
ominous voice came through PA system as sound of war drums suddenly stopped.
“Consider that war hatchet is taken up!”


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