Chriso gives RIOT! the last rites

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Chriso gives RIOT! the last rites

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 21, 2008 6:34 pm

Arena has been dark all break time for the crowd to get snacks and bathroom rests.
The lights come back on to a ring with an alter and each of the RIOT! member's pictures around it.
Suddenly Tubular Hell plays as the crowd explode into cheers.
Everyone looks up to see Chriso descend using a rope from the rafters landing behind the alter.
He stands at the alter with the microphone on it.

Chriso: Ladies and Gentleman......
We are gathered here to say goodbye.....
to men who have done wrong in their life......
but we do not come to correct them......
I come to pray to God FOR them......
To forgive them of ALL sins commited......
so they may reach the heavens.......
and not the deep fiery chasm of Heeeeellllll!!!

Crowd cheer as Chriso stands in front of Gump's picture.
He makes movements with his hands doing the christ cross symbol, mumbling.

Founder of the Sinners......
May God have mercy on your Soooooul!!!

Chriso takes out his christ cross pendant off his neck and puts it around the picture.


Chriso goes over each picture in the same way.

George Daniels: Well a clear message sent to RIOT!
Chriso showing his confidence even though he doesnt know who he will face.

Johnny Devil: Im looking for RIOT! *looks over his shoulder*
They usually have something to say if someone gets their attention.


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