A Sad Draft Day

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A Sad Draft Day

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:39 am

we find an eatery packed with the day's breakfast crowd. murmurs of conversation and eating fill the air as we pan across the tables of patrons, until we stop at a specific table in a corner.

two big, burly men are seated, having breakfast.

it is the sad man, and jonesy.

both look rather somber.

"was it really that 'ard t'not mess up?" asks the united heavyweight champion

jonesy sighs.

"it was mistaken identity."

the sad man scowls as he slowly chews a mouthful of food.

"ya bloody gots y'self arrested, jus' fer bloody bling."

"that woman mistook me for the real thief."

the sad man slowly shakes his head in disbelief.

"ya can stop wit' that 'mistaken identity' bit. i knows ya too well t'fall fer that."

"it's true!"

"well thanks t'you i now be on the gm's shitlist. i lost me a big payday 'coz ya gots y'self in a mess wit' the coppers. now winslow be lookin' t'get brandon t'suspend me or worse."

"but if you go to riot, eunice wouldn't be able to do anything to you, right?"

the sad man puts down his fork.

"i be in a hole now 'coz o'you, jonesy. i gots no idea 'ow it gonna bloody turn out."

the united heavyweight champion wipes the crumbs off his face with a napkin.

"you payin' fer breakfast," he brusquely tells jonesy before standing up to leave.


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