A New Alliance of Old Allies...

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A New Alliance of Old Allies... Empty A New Alliance of Old Allies...

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:12 am

Boy Bakla waits for the two it summoned to arrive, sipping on a glass of sangria. Just then a knock and two wrestlers come in... Almighty Evil and Hertzi make their way to the room and seats themselves on the pink sofas.

Boy Bakla: "Glad you boys can make it... Evil, your debut match in our show was somewhat disappointing... It seems that you again look lost without a partner. Hertzi, though you didn't lose your match, you didn't win either... I'm thinking that both of you should work together... Maybe bolster the Riot! tag division..."

Evil and Hertzi looked at each other then back at Bakla...

Almighty Evil: "Sure boss, I have no problems tagging with the kid... I actually have a pair of Harleys, we can use it in our entrances... I've been itching to get a tag partner again... I even have a name picked out... Demon Riders"

Hertzi: "I see no reason why I shouldn't try for the tag division... Sure..."

Boy Bakla: "It's settled then... The Demon Riders it is... This may be the last time I give you guys advice. As general manager I cannot look biased..."

Almighty Evil: "We understand Bakla... Thanks for giving us a second chance when no one else did..."

Hertzi and Evil stands up and leaves...


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