Challenge for the Reverend...

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Challenge for the Reverend...

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 07, 2008 3:50 am

It was just another day in the locker room of Reverend Stone, three baptismals, a bible session, two excorcisms and feeding a chained up Zombie. Just as Reverend Stone chucked a huge slab of raw meat towards ravenous monster the door burst opens and Boy Bakla walks in...

Boy Bakla: "Good day to you reverend... Oh don't get your cute tushie up, I am just here to inform you that Zombie has a scheduled match this coming Tuesday against Bubba Chubbs and it will be YOUR responsibility to make sure Zombie doesn't bite anyone... Toodles..."

Boy Bakla spins around and exits the locker room as Reverend Stone looks on, clearly miffed...


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