Phonecall to the Gods of Greatness

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Phonecall to the Gods of Greatness

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 18, 2008 6:37 am

Bakla was pacing around the parking lot with its cellphone in hand, after punching in the number it wanted Bakla pressed the call button and put the phone to its ear. After a few rings the other side of the line picked up...

Boy Bakla: "I need you guys back here next week... We're short on talents and I need to put on a show..."

A muffled voice is heard from the other line and Bakla seems irked...

Boy Bakla: "I know I told you guys to lie low but this is business, we don't come up with a show, our tv slot goes to UFW... I cannot afford to let that old bag Winslow win... No TV show means NO RIOT! WRESTLING..."

A muffled reply is again heard from the other line...

Boy Bakla: "Well you have to face Team Sheridan sooner or later... I will try and keep security tight so that we won't have any unwanted visitors... Now get your butts back here... We have a show to put on..."

CLICK! Bakla ends the call and walks back to the Riot! Wrestling building...


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