Joker speaks to his partner!

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Joker speaks to his partner! Empty Joker speaks to his partner!

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 20, 2008 4:40 pm

We find Temperedjoker looking after Michelle in the locker room as a physician checks on her. Raul is standing behind him still in shock of what happened in the ring during the show.

Doctor: She will be fine. She just needs some rest and relaxation. She doesn't need to be at ringside anymore. I gave her a seditive and she will probably sleep for about another hour or so.

Temperedjoker: Thanks doc.

The doctor leaves as Joker continues to sit by Michelle. Joker speaks to Raul without turning his head away from Michelle.

Temperedjoker: I lost control out there today. That shouldn't of happened. I realize now that Aaron didn't intend to harm Michelle. I understand it was an accident. I went to far once again. You haven't been around long enough to know how I let power consume me. How I let it take over every thought I had. It is a place I never want to find myself in again. Today was one of those moments I let it get away from me. I'm sorry you had to see me like that.

Death is only the begining of your hell when you face me in the ring!

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Joker speaks to his partner! Empty Re: Joker speaks to his partner!

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 22, 2008 2:22 am

Raul looks in shock at his partner. The look is not noticed by Raul, but Michelle recognizes the look - it's the same look of self-inflicted blame and guilt that she often sees on Joker's face.

Raul: Listen - this is not your fault. I whipped O'Shea hard to the ropes, and never looked beyond the ropes in case something happened. If anything would have happened to Michelle, it would have been my fault. I'm glad she's alright, but it was too close a thing.

Raul shakes his head slowly thinking about would could have happened.

Raul: You lost your temper - and Joker, you scared me. I thought you were going to kill that kid, and the whole time, I started to think that I would have 3 lives on my conscience. Your baby's, Michelle's, and Aaron's.

We all walk a razor's edge. We fight for a living - learn techniques that hurt people, and then get in the ring and try to make it look great for the fans while not killing one another. But...all the skills are there to do harm. If we lose our temper, or snap in some way, we could hurt people badly - like you did to Aaron. you almost killed that kid, and there was no getting through to you.

Maybe...Maybe it's better if Michelle doesn't come to the ring until after the baby is born... I need to go to the hospital and check in on Aaron.


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