PH lays down the challenge...

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PH lays down the challenge... Empty PH lays down the challenge...

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:29 am

ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by 3 DAYS GRACE roars through the arena
Power House appears on top of the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd.
Cheers can be heard as Power House raises the Middleweight Belt high in the air as pyros explode on the ramp.
Power House grabs a mic and proceeds to the ring. He lays the belt down on his feet as he begins to speak

Power House: AT LAASTTTTTTT!!!! The CHAMP has entered the building!!!!!

Huge pop from the crowd as PH house pauses to acknowledge the crowd

Power House: You see last week, a thug dressing like he wished he took a bath, had the audacity to place his hands on this belt. So, I'll cut short to the chase, Jamal Fatz. What you did last week was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. You had your dirty hands holding the symbol of the hardwork, blood, sweat and tears me and previous holders of this belt poured in their matches to become middleweight champ. You want to hold this belt brother? Then I suggest you hear the rest of what I'm gonna say.

Crowd is silent in anticipation of what PH might be thinking.

Power House: I challenge you... next week... on the last show before our match at PPV... I challenge you filthy thug into a PICK YOUR POISON- BEAT THE CLOCK MATCH. I'll try to explain it to you dawg, i'll try to talk slowly so you can keep up.... Here is how it goes... You pick my opponent, I pick yours and whoever beats his opponent the fastest gets to pick the stipulation for our PPV match.. so Jamal Fatz... why don't you bring your fat ass down here and accept my challenge!

Oh wait... let me give you an advantage... if you accept, your opponent will be someone real familiar to you. His name???? BUBBA GUMP!!!


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