Asking Nicely...

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Asking Nicely...

Post by Guest on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:16 pm

A dimly lit bulb shone in the otherwise dark room, no windows and only a six inch thick steel door is the only exit available. Upon closer inspection the room has been sound-proofed to prevent noise from escaping from whoever is unfortunate enough to be locked inside. Which of course is quite unfortunate for a certain goon caught handing over money to Funnybone, the same goon whose arms are now uncomfortable shackled above his head connected to a chain which runs up the ceiling of the room. Funnybone stares nervously flanked by Bakla's two well-muscled almost naked oily men. Bakla paced around the goon, tracing its sharp finger nails on the goon's naked upper torso.

Boy Bakla: "This is your last chance... You better reveal your employer while I'm still asking nicely..."


Boy Bakla: "Tsk... Tsk... Tsk... Such language... I would have cut your tongue out now if I didn't need you to talk..."


Boy Bakla: "Sigh... I really hoped that we could be civilized but I guess you leave me with no choice..."

Bakla's gaze turned to its half-brother who now couldn't look at Bakla in the eyes. Bakla walked over to Funnybone and pushed his chin up so that their eyes met...

Boy Bakla: "Watch very closely Funny dear... You may be my brother and I love you but let this man be an example of what I do to people who cross me... Kin nor otherwise..."

Bakla motions one of its geisha boys who walks out the room. A few moments later, I Zombie walks into the room. The geisha boys lock the door to prevent any sound from escaping.

Boy Bakla: "I have prepared for you a little snack Zombie dear... It seems that we need to loosen a tongue..."

Zombie grins widely from ear to half-rotted ear and walks towards the chained goon...

Goon: "Whu-what are you lookin' at you freak... Stay away from m-me... Y-you don't know who I work f-for..."

Boy Bakla: "Oh I think we're about to find out... Start at his toes Zombie dear... And make sure you take your time gnawing at his bones..."

Zombie inches closer to the goon, grabbing his foot despite the goons obviously futile struggle.

Boy Bakla: "Bon Apettit..."


The screams of the goon echo throughout the room as Funnybone crouches in a fetal position hands on his ears and his eyes shut rocking back and forth as he is helpless to stop the horror transpiring in front of him.


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