Crenshaw's Accident

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Crenshaw's Accident Empty Crenshaw's Accident

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 24, 2008 1:28 pm

Crenshaw comes out to the ring with his music playing loudly while the fans stand up to get a good look at him, While he comes out he has the same steel chair he used against Reverend Stone which got him disqualified since he DDT'd stone on the chair causing the DQ

Crenshaw: This recent Riot! show I had a match in which I got disqualified, It was a complete accident the DDT was, I brought in the chair to distract the referee so I could finish the match but it turned out to be a complete disaster. I was supposed to win that match, Get momentum, And be in complete control!!! But It's my fault for bringin' the chair into play when i know i would have won. So stone you and I are gonna end this with any other match that you want. It can be First Blood, TLC, Ladder, Cage, Hell even a Ironman Match... But I am gonna get back the momentum I had even if I have to rip your Holy head off!!! But I will!!! I promise you.


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