Chriso's repairs begin

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Chriso's repairs begin

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:41 pm

A hertz sits on its own in the corner of the parking lot.
it is still looking like it came from a junkyard thanks to Avric's attack on the machine 2 weeks ago.
Smashed windows, hanging off wing-mirrors, dents, smoke streaming from the bonnet and the axle dragging along the concrete.
Suddenly, from inside the building, a horde of Druids comes each with an iterm in their hands.
Behind them trails Chriso, with 4 items in his hands too.
Each Druid sets down its item before walking off the way they came.
Chriso remains bending down and running his hand over the bonnet and side of the hertz.
He opens the tool box, takes out a blow torch, takes his hat and overcoat and pulls down a face protector.

Chriso: Before this night is over......
You will once again be revived.......
and taking your in the underworld......
shall be the one who did this to you.......

Chriso lights the torch and begins work.
Replacing metals, wingmirrors and windscreens.


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