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saying hey

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:29 am

Mojo Jojo is walking the long hallway in his wrestling tight and a white tank shirt above it wearing the Riot! Wrestling World Championship around his waist when mojo reach his lockerroom door he opeend it with the key he holded in his hand and lock the door again after him
Mojo lays his title on a chair and remove his clothes and looks at his arm and twist it a bit Mojo walks to his locker getting out a towel and hits the showers after Mojo spend some times under the shower he walks out and takes some clothes out of his locker and stands before the mirror in his white shoes with grey pants and a red shirt Mojo looks one more time to his arm and ignore it
Suppose it is nothing bad now will it finaly Mojo walks to the Riot! Wrestling World Championship and put it in his locker and locks the locker again getting out of the room and start to walk to the locker of Dank whe he reached the door of danks locker he knocks serval times on it and starts to speak
Hey Dank your in here just wanted to know some things now oke men


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