The destructornator thining

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The destructornator thining Empty The destructornator thining

Post by Guest on Sat May 10, 2008 11:06 am

The Destructornator is sitting at his locker, drinking his coke, listening to his favourite Linkin Park tunes thinking about his near future

Mmm I wander who will feel my DESTRUCTION next? Azagoth found out that I was better than him and I havn't been in any title picture since I got knocked out in the tournament.
With Darkness as champ, and those guys, whoever they were watching his back, it may be a hard time to beat him.
If he is suppose to be a part of that 'Horde', why did his teammates attack him then 2 strange, hooded fellows helped him?
It's getting weird around here, and if I'm smart about it I might be able to slip in, take the title and leave while everyone is caught up in this mess!


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