Boy Bakla's Post Match Interview

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Boy Bakla's Post Match Interview Empty Boy Bakla's Post Match Interview

Post by Guest on Tue May 13, 2008 3:04 am

"Welcome wrestling fan, we are here backstage with our newcomer Boy Bakla." Jessica Lopez confidently holds up her mic as she stands beside Boy Bakla. "You had an impressive debut, just when we thought that it was all over for you, you came back with a vengeance for an upset win."

Boy Bakla wipes some sweat off with a towel, smiles and answers. "My opponent was strong but he did not anticipate my secret weapon. You do not need power moves or good submission moves to win Jessica."

"And what secret weapon would that be Boy Bakla, would you kindly share this with our audience?" Jessica replies pointing the mic towards Boy Bakla.

"It's lus... er love Jessica, the love that inspired me to win the match, the love that gave me the strength not to give up, the love that recharged my already spent body." came Boy Bakla's impassioned reply. "Oh why, oh why has God cursed me with the body of a man, but still nothing can stop my heart, this heart that loves Dank, nothing can stop my soul, this soul that yearns for Dank... Oh Dankykins..."

"Ah yeah, right, okay... I'm sure Dank is watching somewhere, what message do you want to tell him?" Jessica asked Boy Bakla this time.

"He watching this? Oh dear, I'm so embarrassed to reveal my feelings on television like this. Oh my... What will I say to my Dankykins if he is listening? I can't really say it out loud, it's just too embarassing..." Boy Bakla said uneasily shifting left to right covering his face with his hands.

"Uh-huh... So no chance of sharing with our viewers?" Jessica asked again.

"Well I can tell you, come closer..." Boy Bakla replied as he whispered his thoughts unto Jessica's ear. Jessica turned beet red and hastily exited the set. "Oh dear, I think I said a little too much..." Boy Bakla mused with pursed lips...


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