After A Sad Toasting

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After A Sad Toasting Empty After A Sad Toasting

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 07, 2008 2:04 am

we are in the infirmary, where we see the sad man getting treated for his burns. he is understandably angry. he gets even angrier when he spots the cameraman.

"so this how it gonna be. i takes it on m'self t'tell everyone 'ow chriso's fooled the sentinel horde into takin' his poison, and i get burned. that yer choice then? then ya pay the same price chriso gonna pay. till today i only went afta chriso. now az'goth, luna and everyone else is as guilty as that piece o'garbage. ya chose t'stand wit' him and everythin' he believes in."

the camera slowly does a close-up of the sad man.

"this ain't 'bout gettin' revenge or showin' off trophies like what chriso doin'. oh chriso got trophies. he prob'ly got a lotta tapes o' luna masturbatin' her cat. but this ain't 'bout trophies. this 'bout right and wrong. chriso and every.thin' 'e believes in is wrong. you idiots in the sentinel hordes chose t'stand wit' 'im. and yer just as guilty. and you gonna pay."

fade out.


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