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Post by Guest on Sun Nov 16, 2008 12:47 pm

the united heavyweight champion savors the reaction he is receiving from the fans in attendance, both pro and against the company he represents. even though the back of his head throbbed mercilessly from the beating he received in the locker room earlier.

the referee had already left his side, and was checking on robert conrey.

george daniels: the sad man is asking for a microphone!

the riot fans boo as the champion prepares to speak.

"i 'onestly gots no idea 'ow i wound up out 'ere. my 'ead still ringin' bad afta wha'this bastard right 'ere did t'me."

conrey groggily raises his head at the mention of his name.

george daniels: the sad man just soccerkicked robert conrey hard in the face!

the sad man wearily raises the microphone to his lips.

"sorry 'bout that. gotta make sure the mook stays down."

the riot fans jeer mercilessly in response.

"what? that it? you buggers ain't jumpin' the barricade this time? 'ow 'bout the riot wrestlers?"

the sad man turns his attention to the entrance ramp.

"'ow 'bout you blokes eh? flash? dragon? gump? buddha? i don' see none o'you mooks comin' out 'ere."

he pauses, only continuing after a long moment where no one emerged from the locker room.

"every bloody day i c'mere, and i has t'listen to someone talk 'bout 'ow this whole war coulda been prevented if we were payin' more attention to ya riot boys. 'ell you even layin' the blame on me, so lemme be clear on sumthin'."

"i ain't 'ere t'hold yer lil' hand and be yer shoulder to cry on! i ain't the guy t'tell people not t'set yer bar on fire, not when i bloody hadta put up wit' ufw hostin' their own ku klux klan chapta fer almos' me whole time 'ere! not when i hadta put up wit' freaks runnin' 'round tryin' t'eat people 'ere! you think yer problems are bigger than wha' i hadta put up wit'? not from where i'm standin'!"

"but you riot blokes comin' afta me!" the sad man says with a snarl, pointing at the entranceway.

"lemme be clear, riot. i ain't the guy who gonna be playin' good cop 'ere. i be in it fer the money. i can guarantee people will pay good money seein' me maim any of you."

the sad man tosses the microphone aside as he exits the ring.


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Post by Guest on Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:42 pm

[ooc: anyone can feel free to add onto this. thanks]


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Post by Guest on Sun Nov 16, 2008 10:00 pm

"What's up people?" by Maximum The Hormone hits in the arena while Robert Conrey makes his way to the top of the entrance ramp limping with a mic in hand...

Robert Conrey: "So you beat me badly, and now you are getting cocky?! I wasn't on my best last night Sad Man... And if you think this is over..."

:::All of a sudden in a swift motion Conrey gets knocked over and falls from the top of the entrance ramp... From the shadows Bubba Gump steps out with a baseball bat... Behind his stood the rest of Riot!::::

Gump: "Is figured you have spoken enuf, Yous came to us all high and mighty saying we needs ya, and you get yerself pummeled so badly it is humiliatin fer us to be associated with ye. So I reckon we don't needs you anymore Conrey since you were just all hot air... As of now I am leading Riot! and you know what Sad Man? We ain't backin' down, momma didn't bring me up to be a coward so you better prepare yerself..."


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Post by Guest on Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:00 pm

Tubular Hell hits the arena.
on the titantron flashes images of the KKK and the terrible things they did.
From behind sadman suddenly is Chriso.

you accuse me of the biggest sin of all......
i am not out for your soul because your a different colour......
to me......
everyone has a soul worth taking.....
be he black.....white.......
so stop using this to turn all on me......
for i am here to stay......
wether you like it......

Chriso lowers the mic as him and SadMan stare at each other.


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