The Staff Meeting

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The Staff Meeting

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 17, 2008 5:42 pm

Underneath the Mount Olympus Casino, already hidden underneath a warehouse, is the hub of operations for Mt. Olympus. It's unreachable without going through several security checkpoints.

In one room, highly trained security experts keep a watch on the casino floor via security cameras that cover every corner of the casino. Utilizing the latest of technology and the most highly trained experts, the security staff at Mt. Olympus can almost tell when a person is thinking about cheating.

In another room, a conference table is set up. Seeming almost out of place in the elaborate casino, this conference room is sparsely decorated. The board table is not elaborate. The chairs are not plush. Plenty of video and computer feeds are available, but nothing is overt. It certainly isn't a room set aside for long meetings - and this is deliberate. Every casino expert consulted in building Mt. Olympus shared "In a casino, the owners do their best work on the floor, mingling with the customers. Owners in a board room spending lots of time meeting means money lost." So - the casino's main meeting room was left intentionally sparse.

IN the meeting room now are Raul Stevens, Jamal Fats, War, Supreme Knight, and Tom.

Raul starts the meeting off by saying:

Hey guys, it's time to get this casino up and running. Let's brainstorm ideas and I'll start getting things rolling. I think we should push hard to having a New Year's Eve launch. What are the top 10 things we need to get done to make that happen?


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