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Post by Guest on Fri Jun 27, 2008 4:35 pm

Pelin said through clenched teeth when nurse removed first bandages to look at the wound on his neck.

“Oh well! Don’t you cry on me now.”, said nurse Betty, ”You choose this business. Five stitches, and in a few days you will have just bite mark and a hickey on your neck. You were lucky the he did not tear whole artery, but just punctured it on a few spots.”

“Yep! Damn lucky!
Our first match he spit in my eyes and blinded me, today he bit me and drank pint of my blood.
Which drugs he use hat he constantly forgetting the he is on wrestling match, and not on fast eating contest?
Luckily we are not boxers otherwise he will bite my ear off.
And bonus is that I will need to explain to everyone who gave me a love hickey. Just great!”

growled Pelin angry mostly on himself while Betty tended his wound.


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Post by Guest on Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:24 am

„OK I am here for checkup. But i must say that my neck is still hurting whenever I turn my head, and now is five days after. Maybe I will have bit more than hicky.“
Pelin said positioning himself on a table in infirmary

„Yes, something looks wrong, I agree.“
Added nurse Betty coming from her office with a new doctor
„But we called dr. Kovac from ER to check it up. He is sort of expert on neck injurties.„

Few moments later they removed bandages from Pelin's neck and dr. Kovac was examining wound
„Hmm…, bite was hard and deep, but that should be no problem of bigger magnitude. Problem is some green slime with which is your wound infected. That thing is preventing wound to heal. Let me try to clean that up. It will hurt a bit.“
Doctor opened wound wide, and started to sterilize it with antiseptic, and weird UV lamp
„Ooouchhh! You said a bit. Gawd damn that Zombie's slime.“
Pelin muttered grinding his teeth

Ten long minutes later doctor said again:

„That is it. I think I cleaned everything. Nurse, stitch him up, and do not save on stitches. Do not forget to clean the wound, and put fresh bandages every day. If everything will be good, you will be back on track in a week or two.“


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