Power House talks about the PPV

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Power House talks about the PPV

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 17, 2008 12:29 am

ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME by 3 DAYS GRACE roars through the arena
Power House appears on top of the ramp to a huge pop from the crowd.
This is the first house show he's been in since Divide and Conquer
Power House grabs a mic and proceeds to enter the ring.

Power House: AT LAAAASSSSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!! The CHAMP! has entered the building

Crowd begins chanting. Power House! Power House! Power House!

Power House: I've got to say... this feels good! *crowd roars* Its been quite some time since I got to speak to you people. It has been a very busy 2 weeks. First with the draft, then the Scramble, then the battle royale. I've never been so busy in my life when will I have the time to even watch the replays of the second rate show named Riot!

Crowd starts jeering and laughing. Chants of UFW! UFW! UFW! can also be heard

Power House: Nah! You guys know I'm kidding right. Riot has been pretty good lately, nothing compared to us of course but pretty good. Bakla had been doing a great job their. SHE's the MAN! I mean He's the GIRL! CRAP WHATEVER! It is doing a good job and that's it! hehe They got this RTC going on, they even had this college kid punk shout out to Chriso. What a stupid thing to do... And I heard they even got this scary guy to rival Zombie.... Brrrrr now that is something... BUT UFW is not running out of things up their sleeves either.

Power House pauses as the crowd starts to clap and cheer

Power House: UFW has done things that are equally great if not greater than what my old friend Bakla had done. I even think our GM has the upperhand in this ratings war. And the first thing she did to ensure the win is of course, draft the BONE BREAKING! BLOOD SPILLING! GIRL-STEALIN! SLEDGEHAMMER WILEDING! TOWER of POWER! -- yours truly, POWER HOUSE. If that alone doesn't put butts unto those seats I don't know what will.

And then she showed her foot then announced a scramble match for the Heavyweight Belt. The first ever scramble match. I almost made history that night. 2 minutes more, I could have made the event the turning point of UFW's win. Unfortunately, almost doesn't cut it. And I understand, so I moved on and look forward. And just this past week, our dear old GM has done it again. A Battle-Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the middleweight belt.

Which then brings me to you Jamal Fatz. I know you've lost that thug look, that attitude, you may feel like you're more refined than ever. Wearing those classy suits, those fancy jewelries and opening up your own place called Mt. Olympus. Well I don't know what you're thinking right now... dawg! But one thing you've got to keep in your mind, even the gods can't help you this time. Coz everytime I look at you I'm reminded of why I got into wrestling. And at the upcoming PPV.... I will exact... my personal vendetta against YOU!!!!


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