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Post by Guest on Tue Dec 23, 2008 6:58 pm

Chasm watched Powerhouse as he worked over some of the younger wrestlers...

"Good... good.. Now... duck... Good... Watch that shoulder.. you broadcast your strikes every time you move that shoulder..." He paced along the outside of the mock up ring as the wrestlers moved....

Solomon was curled up in the corner with a young girl.... The child was Chasm's niece... visiting for a few days while her parents moved into their new house.... Solomon for obvious reasons had been taken in by the young girl as pal and nanny... which... despite the obvious downfalls... didn't seem so bad for the large canine... He sighed heavily as the child moved, snuggling into his fur.... such was the curse for fluffy-ness....

"Alright... " Chasm slid into the ring after the match ended.. looking Powerhouse over..

"Good job.. you're coming along a lot more with covering up your moves.... Surprise is key ... you can be as strong as hercules himself and it won't make a lick of difference if your opponent already knows what you're doing..." he patted the younger wrestler on the shoulder, coaching him on his mistakes for a moment before returning to Powerhouse..

"Alright.. that's enough sparring... Give me a light run around the arena to cool off then hit the showers..."


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Training... Empty Re: Training...

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 24, 2008 9:02 am

Power House just looks at Chasm without moving. His face showed disbelief from what he just heard

Chasm: "Hey.. Move it. Don't just stare idly... the more time you waste thinking, the more you give your opponent an oppening"

Power House slid out of the ring. He put on his sweatsuit and started his way out. Still visibly shaken from something that disturbs him

Power House: *mutters to himself* And I thought I'd at least get a "good work, mate" for the surprise win I got last week. Jogging around... I still got enough energy to spar 15 more rounds.

Power House paused and started to turn around and open his mouth but stopped himself. He just started to run out of the room

Power House: This will all be for the best in future anyways... I've endured much worst than this... I can survive this... He wants a light run?? I'd give hime 10 more rounds of wind running instead before hitting the showers

Power House keeps running at full speed around the arena keeping an eye on the gym windows


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