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Post by Guest on Mon Jun 16, 2008 4:37 pm

here we are to have a interview with one of the wrestlers from UFW its Mojo Jojo.

Mojo first of all how is it to not be in the battle royal??

well the point i can not take part on a match that gives me a free shot on the champion ship does bother me but that is not the thing i'am disapontent about

you mean losing to tyr is harder to accept then losing a chance on the championship???

yes that is exely what i mean but me and tyr will come yet another time in that ring and then i won't be focust on how to finsh him but just finsh him i think i own that to the crowd ho had full fate in me and i let them down

but are they the only ones you let down? or is there some one else??

you are looking for Chasm right?? well i gues you are right on that one Chams put alot of his time in me and yet i haved won a single match on the show only some traing matches and still Chams did't let me down

he even is trying to get you still on the battle royal how do you feel about that???

Yes well there is not much to tell but Chasm you don't have to put energy on that i will become a champion on a other way and will collect another title for HKH where i only will spend more time and i will get some revenge for you on that Tyr who doesn't have the right to talk about Chams but that he will learn soon very soon

what makes you think you will beat tyr this time and you will not tap like the last time?

well now Tyr did't not just talk bad about me but also Chasm and thats why the last thing i will do is tapping out and this time i will not only fight for my glory but for hole HKH and i while now focus fully on the match like i already told

alright well thanks for your time and now only hope our GM while give it a good to go but i don't think that will be any trouble good luck with the training and of course the match.


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